Instagram Is Testing Recommended Feed

In an attempt to make profiles more discoverable, Instagram is currently testing the Recommended Feed.
After implementing an algorithmic feed, back in 2013, it is time for Instagram to renew the way people see and deliver content throughout the social network. This might be a way in which they are encouraging users to post more and more content on the social network, in an attempt to be more discoverable and to get more chances to be noticed.
Recently, Instagram has also launched the “All caught up” feature, when they let the users know they have seen what’s more relevant from their feed, meaning posts from friends, family or other users they interact more with.

What is the recommended feed?

Recommended feed (or post) is the one that a user might like, based on the users and businesses pages he or she is already following, liking and interacting with on Instagram.
After the user gets the “You are all caught up” notification, meaning that he or she has already devoured the content from the profiles they are following and interacting with more, a new notification will appear on the screen: “Recommended for you”. And this is where the posts we were talking about will appear.

Users will now have two options: continuing scrolling through the content to see what more is recommended for them; or click on a profile to see what other content they deliver and, if they like it, they can just tap the follow button and see more posts from the specific profile in the future.
Instagram representatives say that they will start testing the new feature in the following days. They are making the update in order to give the possibility to the users to find more content they might be interested in and to see more of what’s new from the community. Why not even create new friendships or even business relationships.
Depending on the feature they will get from users, during the testing period, Instagram will make product revisions. They also hope to release the feature soon for the large public.
What do you think of this new Recommended Feed update?

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