Great tool to design Facebook Apps


A few days ago I discovered this amazing website, called ShortStack, from where you can create your own Facebook Apps design and promotions. If you are not a graphic designer or a Facebook app developer, this tool is actually a big thing. ShortStack has a tone of features to help you to get the most of your Facebook Pages, including: contests, analytics or data collection.What I love about this  great tool is that allows you to sign up for a  free account, in order to get to know all the features. Let’s see how it works.

app design

First of all you may choose to Create Blanc App or an App from Template. Because I’m not an expert, I choose to click on the second button and here… the magic begin. Choose a specific Facebook App design and start editing in your own style. ShortStack allows you to add text, videos, photos, buttons and specific tabs for cupons, presents or photos. 



Facebook apps maximize your brand presence in the social media environment and ShortStack is a great solution even if you’re code whiz or a tech novice. All the Facebook Apps from this website can be embed anywhere: Facebook, blogs, websites and anywhere else your brand drive traffic. You may ask yourself, why somebody would develop such a platform?

Facebook apps are so important for brands ? Yes, they are. Facebook apps create a strong interactive connection between consumers and brands, and make people get involved in a beautiful brand experience, make them play, make them compete and win. ShortStack is a great tool for you that it might help you to develop engaging Facebook apps that are based on creative communication concepts. 


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