Darren And Mike Dream Team Reveal 2023 Marketing Trends

A picture of a person reading a book in the park on digital marketing, something Darren and Mike Dream Team consult on.

Darren and Mike are already household names in digital marketing consulting. The duo has been helping upcoming and established online business owners through their Darren and Mike Dream Team campaigns for many years. 

Everyone who has been part of their mentorship can witness that they are great coaches. Once in their mentorship, you can depend on them for anything revolving around business marketing with so much comfort and satisfaction.

But the team doesn’t stop there. In the urge to keep online businesses profitable and thriving, Darren and Mike Dream Team have taken their time to talk about digital marketing trends in 2023

The goal is to keep businesses up-to-date with what is happening so that they can adjust and do what is right to grow.

Darren and Mike Dream Team On The 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

As days go by, customers are more concerned about how the business presents itself beyond the products they offer. Any new business or brand that doesn’t watch out for new developments and take time to strategize on the way forward might not see its first birthday.

Darren and Mike talk about key trends in 2023 to help you kickstart and fast-track how you do business this year and beyond.

Use Social Media

More than 4.26 billion people are using social media. Interestingly, these numbers will only keep increasing. It’s projected that by 2027, over 6 billion people will be embracing social media. 

So, what does this mean for digital businesses? The Darren and Mike Dream Team reveal that every business should now have a social media presence with the right audience and use suitable approaches to win prospects. 

Among the social media development is the growth and dominance of TikTok. With more than 1.8 billion active users, businesses should use the platform, especially the new TikTok ads manager, to target their audiences. Also, new social media platforms are coming up, and it helps to look at what they offer.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

The number of people seeing your business impacts its success. According to Darren and Mike Dream Team, brand awareness is a crucial thing to focus on, especially with the growth of social media. 

Instead of posting your content on your profile all the time and in the same way, the team recommends talking to influencers in the “creator economy” and partnering with them.

Make sure you go for creators with a fan base that matches your audience. That’s the only way you will get results. Whether you want people to follow you, sign up for an activity, or make a purchase, you need the right influencer. 

Here’s a secret: you don’t have to spend so much on high-level influencers. Go for those with your niche audience, even if it means they have fewer followers than other big-name influencers. 

Automation Tools

Automation tools have been on the rise for a couple of years. Automating business processes aims to improve efficiency and save on costs. 

For instance, besides having so many data entry employees in your business, you can have the right customer relationship management tools to do that work with a simple click. The same applies to when you have repetitive tasks that are in bulk.

Automation also enhances customer experience. If your business engages so many clients randomly, Darren and Mike Dream Team say it’s best to invest in automation to cater to customers’ needs. 

The team further adds that not all tools suit you. You need to understand what your business needs and go for it.

Business-to-business (B2B) companies need better content and the proper positioning to sell.

Darren and Mike Dream Team emphasize executing B2B marketing creatively and using a laser-focused approach. That involves the use of written and video content. 

Everybody knows how written content makes a brand authority, and that will not change going forward. 

However, make sure that content doesn’t just aim to sell but to create a connection with your audience and have them make a choice willingly. Buyers develop a negative perception when they notice you desperately trying to sell a product or service. 

The best way to stand out is to post curated content that’s relevant, encourages conversation, and solves a problem.

But there’s one more thing: among the things you cannot ignore is the power of excellent videos in your Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube marketing.

Videos are now converting better than written content, but only when done right. Aim to have quality, insightful, and informative marketing videos. 

Statistics indicate that 86% of businesses are now using videos, which is projected to increase in 2023. In addition to blogs and videos, other forms of content that work for businesses include podcasts, press releases, third-party research papers, and industry news.

Marketing Technology Will Continue to Revolutionize in 2023

The software used in your marketing efforts may only apply in the coming months if it’s advanced and up to date. Again, if you are yet to consider marketing software, you should prioritize having the right software this year. 

Consider your business needs, the capability of the technology, ease of advancement, cost, and ease of use.

Also, note that marketing needs keep on changing, and you should opt for what aligns with your goals or objectives. From this, you get to enjoy multiple benefits of marketing technology. 

For instance, you can easily target your audience, keep the analytics right, and minimize the cost of running your business. 

A business ready for 2023 should invest in marketing technologies that help in business analytics, leads optimization, email marketing, automation, remarketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

You Can Now Grow Your Business With Darren and Mike Dream Team

Many people avoid discussing their business struggles with friends and family, and most business people fear they might not get the help they deserve. 

You should no longer worry about consulting now that Darren and Mike are ready to listen to you and offer actionable solutions.

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