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Zoomph, the Influencer Engagement Platform

  A few months ago, while working for an event, I had the opportunity to test Zoomph a very nice and useful tool for those working in Social Media. Zoomph generates a...

Forget the 140 Character Limit on Twitter

Even though there were several discussions last year about Twitter expanding its character limit, it is only now that they rolled out this new feature, expanding the limit up to 280...
Twitter Brings Fleets to Japan

Twitter Brings Fleets to Japan

Nine months after they launched their own version of Twitter Stories - being the only big social media platform that did not have them...

Top 30 Most Visited Websites in the World

Have you ever wondered which are the top 30 most visited websites in the world? Right now, there are 27 websites...

Social Media for Recruitment Process (Infographic)

If a few years ago, companies were looking to hire people by placing ads in newspapers, magazines or on different sites, nowadays social media for recruitment is at an all time-high. Linkedin...
Twitter Suggested Follows

Twitter Suggested Follows Is A New Feature to Follow Accounts (Android Only)

Twitter announced yesterday that they are currently testing a new feature for Android: suggested follows. You might have also seen this on Facebook when you follow a page and...

The Many Faces of Social Media

  If your business is on Facebook, good work. But the social media pat on the back doesn’t come from a fan page anymore. Times are changing. Companies are permeating online social...

Twitter Incorporates Use of GIFs

Image source Twitter has taken advantage of the growing popularity of GIFs and has created a new feature for adding them to your Twitter posts. GIFs, small animated clips that repeat themselves,...

I Hate Facebook. Now What? (4 Facebook Alternatives)

Facebook can be the best social media platform for businesses of any size. But it comes with a huge price tag. Facebook Page reach is heavily determined by several factors and...

Twitter Promoted Trend Spotlight Goes Global

New Year, new Twitter ad opportunities, as they are introducing a new way to promote your videos on the Explore tab. The Explore tab is the...

Twitter Is Using AI to Crop Your Photos

Remember when Instagram launched a new format for the photos, the square one? Even phones adapted and introduced this format in the camera settings so that users can take photos and...

5 Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

When it comes to Twitter marketing, engagement is everything. Your Twitter followers are the one that make (or break) your Twitter marketing efforts. And the biggest challenge you will ever face...

2020 Digital Marketing Trends From 22 Marketing Experts

In 2019, the digital ad spending was half of the global worldwide ad market (for the first time ever), and by 2023 it will...

Social Media Shortcuts (Infographic)

Social media is taking up more and more time in our lives, Nielsen’s 2012 Social Media Report tell us that the world collectivity spent over 59,000 years on social media. Thankfully...

2014 Social Media Marketing Trends to watch for

  2014 is around the corner. It’s been a huge year for social media and digital marketing. "Hot in Social Media" has its own views about the 2014 Social Media Marketing Trends to...

“The Voice” Instant Save

In today’s world, the line between social media and TV has been growing thinner and thinner. We can now watch our favorite TV shows on our laptops, ‘like’ a show’s...

Twitter Cuts Down Spam

With elections being closer and closer to the date, social media networks try to do their best in cutting down spam and fake news.  With Facebook...
How To Analyze Twitter Followers

6 Tools To Analyze Your Twitter Followers

When was the last time you analyze your Twitter followers? Allow me to make a wild guess; maybe 2 months (or more) ago? If you are having problem reaching your followers on...


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