Twitter Brings Audio Tweets to iOS

The future is audio, everyone says. And we can see that in the rise of podcasts and podcasts platforms and other companies investing money in the new type of content. For example: “Character Count” is a Twitter business podcast hosted by Joe Wadlington.

So it was about time for a social network to introduce the audio content in their strategy. Maybe everyone was looking forward to Facebook to be the first one to take a step forward into the audio content, but it was Twitter with their new audio tweets, the first one to do it.

Audio Tweets

How do you add audio tweets?

First of all, make sure you have an iOS phone, as there is no news about rolling out the new feature on Android – for the moment.

Other than that, the process is a simple one:

  • write a tweet as you have done until now;
  • add media – and here is where the new option appears: other than adding a photo or a video, you can now record audio tweets.
  • tap the wavelengths icon and start recording your audio.

Here’s the process explained by Twitter representatives:

The audio tweets will be 140 seconds long and they come in addition to the written part of the story, adding a real human and individual voice – the senders’ one. Once the 140 seconds limit has been reached, a new recording will begin and so it creates a thread. Once you have finished the recording and telling the story, just tap the Done button and go back to the composer screen to send out your message.

Others will see your tweet in the feed and, in order to listen to it, they will have to tap the play button, where your profile picture appears as well. 

For the iOS users, the playback will open in a new tab so you can continue scrolling or do other things on your phone while listening to the tweet.

For now, only selected few can send and listen to audio tweets on iOS, but they say it will roll out for all the iOS users in the near future.

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