”Character Count”, a Twitter Podcast

Audio content seems to be the new king, as more and more influencers and companies are turning towards podcasting. What does it have so special? Maybe the fact that it only requires auditive attention from the listeners? Instead of reading or watching a video, that might distract the user from doing other things at the same time? Could be this.

It seems that even Twitter has noticed the soar that this new type of content has gained lately and launched its first podcast called ”Character Count”.

What is it all about? Let’s see next!

Character Count is the Twitter business podcast hosted by Joe Wadlington, writer and marketer that works at Twitter.

The purpose of the podcast is helping brands in getting more followers and more engagements. Each episode will last between 20 and 30 minutes and guests will be some of the creators of successful Twitter ads, talking about how they have done it and give tips and tricks to other advertisers.

They have already produced 5 episodes in advance to give to their audience and receive feedback on them, to see if there is anything to be changed or added to the format so it attracts more and more people to listen to it.

Twitter is launching the podcast in a period of stagnation in terms of users, hoping to attract more to their platform and as well to encourage advertisers to invest in ads and to help them create more effective ones, that are also meaningful for the users and for the business as well.

The launch might also come from the fact that Facebook, its competitor, also launched its own podcast last January. And Twitter would not like to be left behind.

What do you think of the audio content/ podcasts? Do you use it for your business? If so, why? If you don’t, why?

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