8 Essential Twitter Tools You Should Be Using

Twitter Tools

Are you getting the most out of your Twitter account? If you’re using it for little more than keeping up with the latest gossip from E! News or checking out the current trending topic, the answer is no. That can change, however, if you find the right tools.
Here are eight Twitter tools that can change the way you use the No. 2 social-media site, from getting you more followers to managing the accounts you track to scheduling your tweets in the most effective manner. You’ll not only save time, you’ll undoubtedly gain more followers.

8 essential Twitter tools you should be using


1. Followerwonk

Ever wonder how your Twitter followers compare to the competition? Followerwonk can map it all out for you on a handy graph that highlights your shared followers as well as what sort of influence you and the other account wield. Four other tools help you learn everything from where most of your followers are located to how long they’ve been using the social-networking site.

2. Tweriod

For anyone who’s ever wondered “what time should I be sending out my tweets?” Tweriod has the answer. This handy tool analyzes tweets sent by you and your followers and finds the optimal time to send them out, personalizing the results to your particular feed. This is a great relief to anyone who’s read dozens of “when should I tweet” blog posts and seen a different answer each time.

3. ManageFlitter

Like other well-known tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, ManageFlitter allows you to keep track of multiple accounts. In addition, it offers some in-depth analytics, alerting you about which followers don’t follow you back and which ones may actually be spammers.

4. Tweepi

Tweepi offers some standard features that other tools provide, including flushing out people who don’t follow you back and clueing you in to which follows you should be reciprocating. Its coolest feature is a filter that can find undesirable followers and force them to drop you.

 5. Untweeps

Like a house during the spring, every Twitter account could use a little cleaning. Untweeps weeds out the people who aren’t worth following, those who haven’t tweeted in months, may be spammers or simply aren’t in a niche that benefits you.

6. Paper.li

If you’re looking to curate tweets and give your followers something they may actually use as a reference, Paper.li is a great way to gather tweets and publish them in a newspaperlike format. It’s also a nice way to drive traffic to others’ sites, which they’ll appreciate.

7. SocialOomph

SocialOomph offers a free and a paid version, and whether you upgrade to the premium depends on your business’s needs. The free tool offers a great keyword tracker that’s a boon to any business.

8. Twitterfeed

A next-generation syndication service, Twitterfeed allows you to link your RSS feeds into your social-media accounts and publish anytime something new is added. You can manually add retweet designations to make sure the person that you are republishing sees the tweet and thanks you for the extra traffic.

Which of the Twitter Tools above you already used?

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