7 Elements to a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

7 Elements to a Successful Facebook  Marketing Campaign

These seven strategies can help you to drive more targeted and high-converting traffic to your company’s website, increase brand recognition and improve the reviews and ratings that customers give to your business.


7 Elements to a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign


1. Post Contact Information

Countless studies have indicated that the more contact information that a business posts on their social media profile, the more sales the company will generate directly from that profile.
A marketer should link a company’s social media profiles together, include an email address and a phone number and include the screen names that the business owner uses on various instant messaging services.

2. Consistently Post New Content

A business owner should post unique and informational content that is likely to be shared by other users as often as possible, and the owner can slip some advertisements that include promotional codes into their posts from time to time.

3. Give Patrons Incentives

A company should offer patrons who refer their friends to the business a large discount on their next order or a gift card for each friend whom they refer.

4. Engage The Community

A representative from the business should comment on the pictures of other users, like their posts and engage in conversations that are related to the company’s niche in a meaningful way.

5. Offer Surveys

A business can use a customer satisfaction survey software to allow patrons to rate many aspects of the business, such as the quality of the customer service that the business offers, the quality of the company’s products and even the perceived effectiveness of the company’s marketing techniques.

6. Answer Questions

If one person posts a question on the Facebook page of your business, it is likely that hundreds or thousands of other people have the exact same question, so answer it thoroughly and post a link to a page on your website that also contains the answer.
Various studies have indicated that users almost always side with people who respond very positively to derogatory questions on Facebook. If a question is worded in a negative way or posted by a competitor, answer it as politely and kindly as possible.

7. Encourage Positive Reviews

After a customer makes a purchase, a representative from the business should ask the client to leave a positive review on Facebook. Google and other search engines are now using social signals, which is a code phrase for reviews, as key indicators of a website’s authority and relevance.
As a result, the more positive ratings that your business receives on Facebook, the more organic traffic your website will generate from the search results.
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Do you know other elements for a successful Facebook marketing campaign?