3 Instagram New Updates: Video Chat, New Explore Feed and More

Instagram keeps on surprising us with the updates that are released almost every week. This time, they have done not one, not two, but three. Which are those? Let’s find out!

3 Instagram New Updates

1. Video Chat in Instagram Direct

In their mission to bring people closer, Instagram has introduced the video chat in direct messages. From now on you will be able to call a friend or even a group of friends in a private space, that will bring you together. If a friend of yours doesn’t have a phone number, no worries: they can connect to Instagram through their devices.

How do you start a video chat?

Open your Instagram app; go to the direct messages section; select a conversation with a friend or follower; tap on the new icon you see on the upper right side and start chatting.
If you are taking on an action on Instagram and someone calls you, you can answer the call and minimize the video and continue doing what you started.
The group chat works as following: you can add up to four people to the conversation and, as the group grows, the video expands as well. If you are part of a thread and didn’t join the video call from the beginning, you can join it at any time by pressing the camera button.
You can have video chat conversations just with your friends and followers. If you block someone from your network, they won’t be able to video chat with you until you unblock them.

2. A New Explore Feed

The Explore feed has also changed. It gives the users more possibilities of exploring what they like or what they are interested in.

At the top of the explore screen, you will see different channel based on topics you might be interested in. The start with a “For you” channel, followed by other channels, such as music, food, architecture etc. Most probably, those are based on your Facebook likes as well.

3. New Camera Effects

Not an update without something new for the camera effects.
It seems that Instagram partnerships with publications and stars to create camera filters. So if, for example, you are following Ariana Grande on Instagram and want to add her effect on your photo, you will find it at the bottom right corner.
This might also be a way of encouraging users to follow people just to use their filter. And this means more interaction with influencers and brands and more brand awareness.
There are only a few accounts that can create filters at the moment, but Instagram representatives say there is more to come in the future.
All the updates are available on both iOS and Android devices. You can now be even more creative!

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