How to Master Twitter Marketing for your Dropshipping Store

A great way of growing your drop shipping business is social media marketing. Many e-commerce people believe in harnessing the power of some of these important social media platforms in building their brand and increasing sales.
One of these giants aside from Facebook and Instagram is Twitter. With over 336 million monthly active users, on average, most users follow at least five of their favorite brands on the social network. What’s even more impressive though, is that approximately 37% of users buy from the brand that they follow. More than half of users visit the website after a brand is being mentioned in a tweet. Therefore, the facts don’t lie ‒ Twitter marketing is essential for your dropshipping store.
Why would you miss out on such a great opportunity? With millions of people in your reach, it will undoubtedly boost sales.
If you want to know the pathway to successful dropshipping business, use Twitter as a marketing strategy to maximize the sales and profits. All you need is proper research, planning, and execution and you’re on your way to building a successful online business.
Here are some useful tips to master the art of Twitter marketing for your Dropshipping Store.


How to Master Twitter Marketing for your Dropshipping Store?


1. Engage with People

Engaging with your audience is essential. One of the vital ways of growing your Twitter followers fast is staying active with the community. In fact, the more engaging your tweets are, the better. If most of your followers can get valuable knowledge and insights from your feed, then they will undoubtedly keep reading, and even share your tweets.
So don’t be shy to ask for a retweet ‒ in fact, if you personally ask your followers, you can generate four times more retweets! Also, don’t forget to mention micro-influencers of the industry, the latest trends, and breaking news, and some of your buyer’s feedback of your products. Doing so builds your social media presence as well as your brand. Eventually, people will look up to you as a person with authority in your specific niche.

2. Understand Twitter Demographics

Not most people are using Twitter, unlike other popular social media platforms such as Facebook. Since the majority of Twitter’s vast demographic are young millennials, most of them are well-educated, tech-savvy and much wealthier within their age group. Therefore, Twitter can be an ideal market to build a steady customer base.
In fact, most businesses who have run successful campaigns online or more keen on the younger demographic. As long as you understand your target audience on a specific social platform, then you’re on your way to success.

3. Follow People

The moment you follow a person on Twitter, you can read the stuff they share. The whole Twitter experience is defined by who you follow ‒ so it’s crucial to be selective in your choices.
Take note that the platform can be strict when it comes to what people call as aggressive following. So keep that in mind and take it slow. You don’t want your account to be suspended because of suspicious activity, right?
To give you a general idea, you can start following people based on these categories:

  • Customers
  • Business partners, vendors, contractors
  • Peers, competitors
  • Professional organizations in your industry
  • Other businesses run by people you know


4. Use Twitter Video

Video marketing has been wildly successful over the last couple of years with no signs of slowing down any time soon. So in addition to YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram Video, Twitter Video have become immensely popular among users. Do you know that about 82% of users on Twitter watch videos on the platform? While people use YouTube more as a search engine, users primarily rely on Twitter for video discovery.
Moreover, native videos on Twitter has received more engagement compared to other third-party video players.
As you can see, videos are one of the effective tactics to run a successful online business using Twitter.

5. Share Interesting Content

The fantastic thing about Twitter is that has the power to share interesting and valuable information. So depending on your particular niche, you should focus on tweeting compelling visuals, articles, and thought-provoking conversations your followers will surely engage with. It is one of the sure-fire ways to spark a lively discussion among them.
From time to time, throw in an occasional tweet of your latest offers and a link to your product page. If it takes in too much space, you can always resort to link shorteners like Bitly.
Additionally, you can also put a relevant hashtag representing a particular keyword or your brand name. Hashtags make it easy for users to find your posts. Be careful about using them though, especially with the trending ones. If you don’t understand the whole context behind a specific hashtag, it’s wise to double check first before posting. After all, you don’t want to create a senseless or offensive tweet that can potentially irk your followers!

To Wrap It Up

If you have a clear idea how Twitter works, your target audience, and your goals, over time, you’d be able to build a twitter marketing campaign for your own brand.
So start engaging, connecting, and sharing your options. With some grit, persistence, and determination, you’d find out what works well with your personal brand. The most important thing is staying true to who you are, as well as thinking of giving what your audience genuinely want.
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