Twitter Is Ditching Periscope

It seems that the pandemic is not only affecting small businesses, but larger companies as well. And they also have to close parts of the projects they have been working for some years or just months now.

Twitter Is Ditching Periscope

It is the situation of Twitter that has announced they are ditching Periscope after 5 years of it.

What is Periscope?

Some of you might not have heard of Periscope until now and that’s why we’re telling you that it is or was one of Twitter’s original apps, launched back in 2015 and which allowed users to broadcast live videos.

Why Twitter Is Ditching Periscope?

If it was an original app that made them proud, then why is Twitter ditching it? – you might ask yourself. And the explanation comes from them: for a while now, Twitter representatives have seen a decline in what the live streaming were concern on the app and, although being in a maintenance-mode for a while now, it is not profitable at all – on the contrary, there are people to be paid and resources to be consumed in this state as well. And not being self-sustained is also one of the reasons Twitter is letting go of Periscope.

Not updating the app from now on is not a solution, as the users that still use it would be disappointed.

So the right decision is to close the app and they will do this in March 2021. And starting from then, you will not be able to find the app in the stores.

What’s left then?

During all this time, Twitter has actually been working on a video feature for the main app, so many of the Periscope features have been moved there.

Starting with the latest and last update, no new user can create an account on Periscope. The ones that have already had one, will be able to download the archive of their videos and keep them safe. All the videos from Periscope that have been uploaded on Twitter will continue to be there.

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