Collab App from Facebook Goes Live in the US for All Users

Source: Facebook NPE

Facebook’s NPE team just announced they have made the Collab app available to all users in the US.

Back in May, when it was first released, the app was invite-only but after being tested and received feedback from users, it has been publicly released in the US.

What is Collab App?

What is Collab app you might ask yourself? You know that Facebook’s NPE team is the one that creates experiments in what apps are concerned, they release them, ask for feedback and only after those steps have been made, they release them to the public. Notice that not all their apps get to the user’s phones, many are actually ditched.

During the pandemic, when people could not gather, the NPE team came with an idea to create an app for music enthusiasts that could sing together even thought they were not in the same room.

It looks like a TikTok functionality, but for musicians, and, at the same time, could be the next best thing for Facebook. It allows users to mix up to 15-seconds videos in order to create new songs/ music.

Users can find friends they want to mix their songs with and upload by themselves or can browse through the app and find songs they like and might want to contribute to.

The only concern that the musicians might have is the copyright infringement. Still, the length of the videos could reduce those concerns. But this is a matter they will have to deal with from now on and haven’t been treated until now. They might even talk to some legal advisors for this and check what they have to say.

Any US iPhone or iPad user can download the app now and, depending on the general feedback, it might also be released for Android in the future.

We’re very curious where this will bring the future of music! Aren’t you?

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