Twitter Brings Fleets to Japan

Nine months after they launched their own version of Twitter Stories – being the only big social media platform that did not have them – Twitter is expanding Fleets to Japan, their second largest market worldwide.

Being silent about this new feature in the app that was first launched in Brazil, India, Italy and South Korea. In Japan, there are approximately 51.9 million uesers.

Why Twitter Brings Fleets to Japan?

As being said before, Japan is the second-largest market for Twitter worldwide, being beaten by the U.S – where they still have not launched Fleets, maybe because of the elections and all the efforts being concentrated into combating the spread of fake news and banning tweets on the network.

Japan’s revenue for Twitter was about 132.4 million dollars in 2020 Q3 only, making it the second-largest after the US. Now can you see why they have concentrated on Japan?

This is also a sign that Fleets are a big project for them and they do not plan to abandon it, but more like make it worldwide available. And now, that the elections in the US are almost done – or they will wait until next year’s February – maybe Twitter plans to launch it in the USA as well. Even more now, that the feature is being tested by a larger group of people to see their feedback before hitting the big fish.

But there is another issue in the US, meaning that social networks have started to copy each other and now users feel each of them has lost its authenticity. So maybe it will be harder for Twitter to make a statement with the Fleets, which are a Story-like feature and the social network being the last one to implement this feature out of them all.

This will not be an easy job for Twitter, but they might be marching on the fact that some users are only present on their social network and this will be a novelty for them to use.

And now it’s time to ask you again: what’s your take on Twitter’s Fleets?

Will you use this feature when it is available in your country?

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