“Guides” from Instagram Come to All Users

Back in Spring, Instagram has launched Guides, in order to support well-being on the platform. With all the crazy stuff happening around the world due to the pandemics, a little help even from them is welcomed.

Guides from Instagram is the place to go when you need to disconnect, to look for advice from creators, businesses and other organisations you follow on Instagram.

This is why, Instagram has encouraged the content creators to share stories, advices, their moments on well-being and encourage others users to do the same.

In order to view a guide, tap on the profile you want to listen to and look at and tap the middle icon to view their guides.

What are Guides from Instagram?

We all know that short format is a thing on Instagram, whether we are talking about photos, videos or stories.

Instagram Guides
Image source: Instagram

This is why, platform representatives have decided to give another challenge to creators and marketers as well, by creating the guides, which are a longer type of posts that would contain both photos / videos and text as well.

They can look and feel as blog posts, because, besides adding text and photos or videos, you can also add galleries to guides.

This is also a new way of keeping users spend more time in the app with the new type of content. For the ones that don’t have the swipe up button and for the others as well, this is a huge opportunity to create engaging content for which the users had to leave the app to see or read – have, for example, the link in bio, which took you to a different website to see more and then you had to come back to the Instagram app.

Releasing the Guides worldwide, you as a user won’t have to do that anymore and creators, marketers and other organisations get a new challenge.

Will you embrace it?

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