Twitter Suggested Follows Is A New Feature to Follow Accounts (Android Only)

Twitter announced yesterday that they are currently testing a new feature for Android: suggested follows. You might have also seen this on Facebook when you follow a page and other related pages appear in the suggested lists and on Instagram as well – where recently, you might have seen in stories that lists of three profiles related to your activity on the platform appear.

How does Twitter Suggested Follows feature work?

When you follow a profile or page on Twitter, a new lists of suggestion will appear under it, based on characteristics of the profile you recently followed.

The algorithm works like this: if you follow a certain profile, the suggestions will be related to the same area of expertise, company or other people’s choices regarding the profiles that they follow and are somehow related to the one you just followed.

Let us give you some examples:

  • if you follow a certain employee from a company, the suggestions will be to follow other people that are currently or have been part of the same business. Or other business profiles that are similar to this one.
  • if you follow a certain artist, you will get suggestions related to the same type of art they create.

The novelty that Twitter wants to bring with this update is that you will no longer have to tap on every single profile in order to follow, but just press one button and the whole list of suggestions will be added to your following list.

Of course, if you realise you don’t want to follow a particular profile, you can unfollow it at any time.

This new way of suggesting accounts you might want to follow is a good opportunity for the ones that already have a strong profile to gain new fans and also a new way for newbies to create a list of contacts.

As we have already said, the feature is been tested on Android only and Twitter representatives didn’t say until now if or when they will expand the testing to iOS.

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