More Personalization Comes to the YouTube App

Do you have the YouTube App installed on your devices? If you don’t, you might want to change your minds, because the music app is trying to hook you anyway and offer more personalization through the app.

Moods and Moments

This is what YouTube introduces in its app. Remember Spotify’s playlists based on activities/ moods/ moments etc? Well, this is what YouTube brings new to their app.

If you have the app installed, you will see a bar that shows different common activities such as studying, walking, running, working out etc and at least one playlist attached to each activity. Besides this, there will also be one “My Mixes” based on the music you often listen to.

Activity playlist

There is a different kind of music for each activity we have on our daily basis and to have it all at the same place is a bliss. Because you don’t have to search for different artists or songs based on the activity you do, they will now be suggested by the app.

When you start a new activity, just tap the button related to it and it will get you a whole set of playlists with music that’s suitable for that certain activity: workout, relax etc.

My Mixes

Still on the homepage of the app, you can also find the “My Mixes” tab, where you can find playlists with all the types of music you listen to, but based on genre.

There is also “My Supermix” – aka Your Mix, where you can find all the music you have listened to and liked and it is brought all together.

Find your mood, select a playlist and enjoy it!

This new feature from YouTube, even though it is not a new idea, can also help you discover new artists based on a specific genre or mood. Each time you open a new predefined playlist, you might have a surprise and discover something new!

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