12 Tools to Promote Your Social Media Accounts on Your Wix Website

There is no denying that social media is integral to every business. It allows you to build awareness around your brand, drive traffic and generate leads to your website, as well as connect with your audience.

But how can you integrate social media when you are using Wix as your website builder?

Do not worry! We have listed down 12 tools that you can use to seamlessly turn your website into a social hub:

1. Social Media Stream

Developed by SmartFox, Social Media Stream allows you to showcase all of your posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr in a stunning widget.

As a result, your website visitors can see all of your real-time updates across your social media accounts. And when we say “real-time,” it means that this Wix app has insanely quick refresh rates.

The good news? Your site visitors can view your social media stream whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile!

Here’s where you can add social media streams from:

  • Facebook: Pages or personal profile
  • Twitter: User account or hashtags
  • Instagram: User account or hashtags
  • YouTube: Personal account, channel, or playlist
  • Pinterest: User account or a particular board
  • Tumblr: User account or blog post

2. Social Media Icons

If you would like a free tool to help you link the majority (if not all) of your social media accounts on your website, then Social Media Icons is what you need.

This Wix app features customizable official icons of popular social media sites. This means that you can choose between a round or square icon, adjust its size, choose a different background and fill color, add hover effects, and display it vertically or horizontally.

This functionality could come in handy when building your social media marketing campaign

3. Feeder Ninja

Feeder Ninja is a Wix app that lets you create beautiful RSS and social media feed that you can add on your website.

It boasts a unique feeds editor that lets you curate your social media content within seconds. Additionally, it uses HTML5 and the latest JS technology so you can quickly create a social media feed, while CSS allows you to customize its looks.

But what’s cool about Feeder Ninja is that it is mobile responsive, which means that it adjusts based on your site visitor’s device, screen size, and resolution.

4. Smart Social Icons

When visitors click on a social media icon on your website, what happens is that that they are redirected to the social media site. But with Smart Social Icons, they do not need to open a new browser window to check out your page.

This means that you can turn website visitors into social media followers without leaving your site. How cool is that?

5. Social Bar

If you are looking for a social media tool that allows your site visitors to spread the word about your brand to their social network, then Social Bar is what you need.

What this tool does is that it lets you add various social media icons on your website, and then link it to your social accounts. That way, it will be easy for your site visitors to share your website or content.

But what’s cool about Social Bar is that you can customize it by uploading your own social media icon. That way, it will match the look and feel of your website.

6. Social Offers

One way to build a loyal audience for your website is by either turning them into email subscribers. And what better way to entice them to subscribe than to offer incentives?

Luckily, Special Offers allows you to do both.

What it does is that it lets you add a pop up on your website, wherein you can offer digital coupons or access to a free digital product in exchange for their email address.

It also features the following:

  • Upload your own cover image to customize your pop up
  • Add unlimited emails to your list
  • Export email reports and history
  • Multi-language support

7. Instagram Pro

Developed by Elfsight, Instagram Pro is an ideal tool for Wix users who are also heavy Instagram users.

This powerful and flexible tool allows you to showcase your IG feed from multiple accounts, hashtags, and more ‒ all in one gallery.

You can install Instagram Pro on your Wix website for as low as $5 per month

8. Facebook Page Like

If you want to grow your Facebook following, Wix’s Facebook Page Like can help you do the job.

What it does is that it allows you to add a Facebook Page Like panel on your website, wherein you can promote your content.

The best part is that you can customize its look so that it matches your website’s color scheme, as well as the type of Facebook posts that you want to add on your fee.

9. Twitter Follow

If your brand thrives on Twitter, then the Twitter Follow tool could come in handy for you.

This Wix app allows you to add a Twitter follow button on your website so that you can instantly turn your site visitors into Twitter followers. And do not worry, you can customize the button to match the look of your website.


Looking for the perfect way to interact with your website visitors? Uri Shaked’s Comments app is what you need!

Adding this app on your website enables your site visitors to ask questions, give feedback, and discuss topics relevant to them. And, yes, it is customizable just like the other Wix app we mentioned in this post.

11. Pinterest Pin It Button

If your website generates a lot of its traffic from Pinterest, then you might want to install Wix’s Pinterest Pin It Button.

What it does is that let your site visitors pin your content with ease. Thus, you get more exposure on Pinterest with their help.

12. YouTube Subscribe Button

Want to promote your YouTube channel and videos to your website visitors? It’s easy with the help of YouTube Subscribe Button.

This free app lets you share your videos with your site visitors, as well as encourage them to subscribe to your YouTube channel with just a click of a button.

How about you? What is your favorite Wix app? Let us know in the comments!

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