Instagram Helps Declutter Your List

We are still in the first trimester of the year, that period when we start going to the gym, eat healthier and quit smoking. Or declutter our drawers and homes. Or our social media accounts.

Instagram comes to our help and gives us a hand when it comes to cleaning up our following list.

Why is Instagram doing this?

In order to create more meaningful interaction on the platform, Instagram representatives have decided to take a step forward toward this by helping you clean up the following list. Because not one time you have seen in your list accounts without knowing where do you know that person from or have you ever interacted with a brand. Or maybe you joined a contest where you had to follow an account in order to win, but then had little or no interaction with it.

So the first step Instagram is taking is dividing the following list into two: 

  • Least interacted with
  • Most shown in feed

You can also sort the following list by: 

  • default – those are the people you interact with the most
  • date followed: latest
  • date followed: earliest

In order to see the update Instagram has made, you just have to go to your following list and see the categories we mentioned above. 

The algorithm they are using is based on interactions that have taken place in the last 90 days on your profile. And those might change, as they also do in real life.

Instagram representatives say they have chosen to introduce this new feature in order to keep the platform up to date to your current emotions and behavior. 

So whether you are still friends with that person you met last Summer, but you are not interested in their content or you have followed a brand many years ago, but now it doesn’t represent your interests, it will be easier now for you to figure out if you still want to follow them or not.

What do you think of the new Instagram feature? Is it helpful for you?

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