Threaded Conversations on Twitter Get an Update

It is long since Twitter has announced they will introduce new means of interacting with tweets and here they are – for the iOS users and web only for the moment.

After a period of testing different approaches on their prototype app, twttr, a way to test out features outside their environment and, most of all, to check how users respond to a new user interface for what threads are concerned. So since January 2019, when the tests of different approaches have begun, Twitter representatives have finally got to a version that they launched – only for some of the iOS and web users only.

Let’s see what it is all about!

New ways of conversation on Twitter

It is well-known that the heart of social media is conversation and every social media network is doing its best to enhance it through different means.

So the new way Twitter does this is by adding a more clear way to see replies. So now, when you tap on a reply tweet, you will get all the responses to the specific reply. 

On a different note, none of the replies have a retweet or like button, so this is a means of somehow keeping the conversation focused on the specific topic. 

So this is what Twitter is improving in their replies function. Many attempts in making the conversation more engaging have been made, but only few have made it to the finals – meaning to the released version of the app. 

This might not be another reinventing of the wheel, but it is sure a step ahead for Twitter and a new means of conversation on the social network. 

We’re curious to see their own version of the Stories type of content, Fleets, available for everyone and how those will enhance conversations. 

What do you think of the Twitter replies?

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