Twitter let Users to Add a Photo, Video or GIF to a Retweet

Finally, Twitter gets an update we’ve all been waiting for: the possibility to add media to a retweet.

In a world in which the social networks are relying on their users to express themselves through images, videos, GIFS etc, Twitter has finally aligned to the trends.

What’s new about Retweet?

Lots of users around the world have been asking for a long time for this feature and it finally happened: since yesterday, you can add the media you want to the retweets you are sharing on the platform.

The feature is now live on iOS, Android and the mobile website of the platform. 

For some, this update might not be a major one, but for others, it means the world. And we say this thinking both os users that have been asking for the future for such a long time, for the teams that have worked together to make this possible and for the future of the platform. 

Because this could mean that more and more people could be joining or returning to the social media platform when leaving other ones. The upgrade also means new ways of using the platform and new behaviors when talking about sharing non-text content. 

The news has appeared in a status posted by Twitter on their own platform by retweeting to an older user’s tweet that was asking for the feature. The news has then been shared by Twitter Engineering and Twitter Support.

As we already said, this was not the work of a single team, but a collaboration between multiple ones, as the update made several changes across the platform: on the timeline, tweet detail page, accessibility features and not only.

So what’s your opinion on the update Twitter has made? Do you think this will make the platform great again and will bring more users (back) to it?

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