News from Pinterest: Dates for Boards and Adding Your Own Ideas

Just as every social network during the pandemic, Pinterest has also seen an increase in the number of users and time spent on the platform. Because what a better way than daydreaming is to spend the quarantine in?

As days pass, more and more people start to make plans for the future or get inspiration for the present: how to set up an office at home; easy recipes for dinner or dog houses – even if they don’t have a dog at the moment – but this is for the future plans.

So Pinterest is coming in their help with better planning tools – whether we are talking about virtual meetings when they are not allowed to leave the house, or event planning when they will be allowed to attend offline ones. 

Let’s see what’s new from Pinterest! 

Use dates and notes

Dates are important, especially when you don’t know for sure what day is it. Having a virtual chat with your friends? Mark it so don’t forget!

Found a new yummy recipe you want to try for brunch? Look for it and add the ingredients you love in a note.

Pinterest Notes

You can also add a to-do list in your boards and never forget what you have to do.

Group pins

We know that you were already manually grouping your pins, but now Pinterest has implemented an algorithm to help you group your boards. If you have a wide range name for a board, such as “outfits”, you might want to split them into more specific ones, such as “cocktail outfits”, “smart-casual” so on and so forth. Pinterest comes at help and suggests new and more specific categories for your boards.

Group Pinterest

Suggested templates

Starting with the first pin of one idea, Pinterest will suggest other related ones.

Let’s say you organize a wedding and start pinning decors. You will automatically get other recommendations such as wedding dresses, wedding rings and gifts for your attendees. This way, you will never forget a thing, because they will always suggest what you might have forgotten.

What’s your take on this? Are you using Pinterest more during this period?

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