7 New Social Media Apps and Tools to Try Now

Anyone who wants to be successful in business needs to have a good social media marketing strategy. It’s a must-have in this day and age. If you have a social media marketing strategy you will know how tedious managing social media is. Especially on top of all the rest of the stuff that goes into running a business.
Are you utilizing apps and tools to make your life easier? If you’re not, you should be. But with over 5000 social media apps on the market which ones do you need? These are our 7 social media apps and tools that we think you should be trying. So, in no particular order, let’s get to it.

7 New Social Media Apps and Tools to Try Now

1. Fastory

Fastory is a great little app that lets you create still or animated stories for Instagram. You can add text animations and logos. You can make it look as fancy as you like. Then, to have it sent straight to your email, just tap “publish”.
Stories are great for engagement. If you want to be a successful social influencer you’ll need to be taking advantage of stories. With Fastory you’ll be able to generate more engagement by creating stories people want to see.

2. Storyheap

Continuing with the topic of stories on social media, Storyheap is an excellent app that helps you make the most of your stories. It is the only app on the market that lets you schedule your stories. Scheduling your stories is important, not only for the convenience of bulk posting because when you post is nearly as important as what you post. The time of day counts when posting on social media. And stories are no exception.
Not only does Storyheap allow you to schedule your stories but it also lets you check your story performance. You can check how many followers you’ve gained and the overall growth of your account. Storyheap also allows you to track the watch time for your stories too. This really is a great little app for anyone who utilizes stories in their social media marketing strategy.

3. Typito

If you’re not utilizing Facebook lives, you need to at least be posting video content. Over 500 Million people watch video on Facebook every day. And video posts are shared 1200% more than images and text posts combined.
Typito is an excellent little app that allows you to create and edit videos through an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. You can create videos from images and video mashed together and add typography, music, and icons. It’s simple and easy to use, greatly simplifying the video editing process for you so you can create engaging videos and boost your social media ranking.

4. Botletter

Botletter is newsletter app that lets you send newsletters through Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger has over 105 million users in the USA today. So using Facebook messenger as a marketing tool is a no-brainer.
What Botletter does is it allows you to take your email marketing campaign into Facebook messenger. As well as your newsletter you can add an image, title and a call-to-action for your readers. It allows you to build a community via Facebook. It’s really useful for sending out newsletters to all your group members, allowing you to increase your marketing reach.

5. Adioma

If you’re a business blogger or someone who shares a lot of information and statistics, this one is for you. Adioma is a fantastic little tool that creates infographics for you. All you need to do is put in the information and Adioma will create a design for you. It will suggest icons for you and design the infographic around the amount of text you put in.
Adioma is super handy for bloggers. If you’re a Pinterest addict, you’ll want to be creating infographics as part of your social media marketing strategy. Why? Because Infographics are more likely to get repinned than other pins? People go wild for infographics so we’re going wild for Adioma.

6. Station

Station is a must-have for social media marketers. It is a social media manager that allows you to manage all your social media apps and tools in one place. It’s beautifully designed, easy to use and increases your productivity more than you can believe.
If you’re really utilizing social media for your marketing you’ll be using other apps like the ones on this list. Having an app like Station allows you to be as productive as possible by having everything you need within one app. It really is one of our top picks for this year.

7. Insense

Influencers are taking the social media marketing world by storm. Did you know that studies have shown that businesses using influencers made $6.85 for every $1 spent on an influencer marketing campaign? Insense is an app that allows you to connect with influencers and run influencer marketing campaigns.
Insense allows you create a campaign brief and propose it. Influencers can respond to your campaign brief via the app and communicate with you along the way. Once the campaign is running, you can even boost your influencer’s posts.
Insense is easy to use and works brilliantly. It’s possibly one of the most important apps on the list and we really recommend it if you’re taking a step in influencer marketing.


We all know that apps and tools make your life easier, and this list provides you with our top apps for this year. By utilizing apps and tools in your social media marketing, you’ll be able to boost productivity and increase your reach. Become more organized and become a social media marketing mogul by making the most of the tools at your fingertips.
Are you utilizing apps and tools in your social media marketing strategy? If so, what are your top apps this year? What other apps would you be unable to live without? We’d love to hear how you manage your social media marketing.
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