Share Professional Sticker Coming to Instagram Stories

Share Professional Sticker Coming to Instagram Stories

As the stories type of content continues to rise and more and more people are using it, Instagram is making an effort to support local and small businesses by adding a new sticker to the stories, aka the Share Professional sticker.

Many businesses all over the world have been hit by the pandemic in ways they did not expect and though, their employees as well. It is a great effort for many of them to keep on track those days and they also need everyone’s support as much as possible: ordering online, vouchers or any other creative idea they might have had in order to survive. 

What is the Share Professional Sticker for Instagram Stories?

This will be a new way to support a friend’s business or a small business that you love – in town or around the world.

The new Instagram sticker is composed of a heading where the name of the brand will appear and three thumbnails – where the three most recent photos posted by the brand will appear. 

The share professional sticker comes after Instagram has also launched the gift card, fundraising tool and order food ones still in order to help small businesses survive.

How to use the new Share Professional Sticker?

Of course, this was a finding of Jane Manchun Wong and the sticker is not yet available on Instagram.

But when it will be, you as a business have many ways of using it:

  • from encouraging your customers and friends that have been satisfied with your products or services to share it;
  • include a creative promotion in your latest posts so that it will appear in the stories;
  • you can share clients’ stories; successful business stories;
  • how do you help others in need in those times etc.

The possibilities are endless, you just need to be creative!

So what’s your take on Instagram’s efforts to help small businesses?

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