Make a Close Friends List on Instagram Stories

Instagram has become the social network where people go to share parts of their lives and it seems that it has surpassed Facebook in this matter.
But you might have a public profile for whatever reason you have chosen this, but there are still some parts of your stories that you don’t want everyone to see. Until now, you didn’t have any option to share them with only a group of friends, but to send them individually.
Starting today, Instagram has introduced the “close friends list on Instagram Stories”, where you can share those particular moments only with the ones you consider close friends and add them to the list.

How does a Close Friends List on Instagram Stories work?


Share with Your Close Friends on Instagram Stories

Starting today, you can make a close friends list and share stories with just the people you've added. Learn more about this update here:

Posted by Instagram on Thursday, November 29, 2018

When you want to create such a list, you should first think of the ones you want to share more personal details of your life. Because until now, every person or business that have added you on Instagram could see what you were posting.
After you have chosen those special persons that will be able to see every moment you want to share with them, you go to your profile, tap on the side of the menu, where the settings like button is – see picture below.

After you tap on that button, you will get to a new screen, where you can start adding your people. There is also a suggestions field, where people that you interact most on Instagram appear – whether it is about photo and video comments or direct messages.

You can, at any time, remove or add new people, as you wish.
You can check if you are on one of your friends’ close list by looking at their stories. If you are part of that special persons, you will see a green circle around their picture when looking at the Stories tray, as well as a green markup when viewing their Stories.
We think this is a good way of sharing more and more special moments with your beloved ones on Instagram, with more privacy than before.
Still, some of the users had this option, being part of the testing initiative. But starting today, they are rolling it out worldwide.
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