Share A Collection with Your Facebook Friends

Facebook is turning into Pinterest from some points of view. What are those points? Let’s find out!
Last year, Facebook has launched the possibility to save and organize posts your friends shared or pages you follow have posted throughout time. This feature is also available for ads, watch videos and even to marketplace items at the moment.

Collection Sharing: Holiday Shopping

Posted by Facebook on Monday, December 3, 2018

We said that Facebook is transforming into Pinterest because of the functionality that allows you to group the saved items into collections.
So what better time than before holidays to implement this new feature? Now you can show your beloved ones your wishes in a more simple way.
For example, if you organize a Christmas Party and want to let the others know what you prepared, you just add a new collection regarding this. It can contain recipes, decorations ideas, music. Or whatever suits your needs.
With the latest update, users can create collections and share them with their friends and families. Every person that has access to a certain collection can add items or share thoughts on it. Of course, the things they add to the collection must be on Facebook – whether they are videos, products or more you see on your timeline or marketplace.
But this feature will not only be available throughout the Holiday season. It will be a year-long customizable feature. So, for example, if you have a group of friends you are planning your Summer holiday with, you can share places, activities and even accommodation with them.

Collection Sharing: Holiday Recipes

Posted by Facebook on Monday, December 3, 2018

The best part of the feature is that it suits whatever need you would have: from planning a party, a wedding or a holiday, to refurbishing your home or find ideas for activities with kids. They are all here and they all come in hand when needed.
What do you think of the new feature? Do you think it is useful? Will you use it?
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