Create Instagram Ads Without a Facebook Account

Do you remember the times when Instagram was an independent social network with fewer ads and more authentic content?

Well, those times ended back in 2012 when they were acquired by Facebook and had to behave like the new mother social network: both in what algorithms were concerned and ads as well? 

And sometimes the most annoying part is that it is compulsory to have a Facebook account linked to the Instagram one in order to create ads within the latter mentioned social network.

Instagram Ads Without a Facebook Account

After years and years and maybe many complaints, it seems that Facebook is giving up on the idea of being mandatory to have a Facebook account in order to create and publish ads on Instagram. For the moment in the US and Turkey only, but if the experiment is a success, they might make the feature available across the world. 

The steps of creating a promoted post on Instagram

In order to create an ad on Instagram only, you have to take the following steps:

  • go to your Instagram profile;
  • select the post you want to promote;
  • below the post’s image you can find the tab “Promote” – tap on it;
  • select the information needed such as: 
    – destination – where to send your audience;
    – audience – who you want to reach with the ad;
    – budget – how much you want to spend daily;
    – duration – for how long do you want to roll the ad.
  • tap the final button, promote and wait for it to be approved. It usually takes around an hour for this, but now it might take longer due to circumstances around. If the post meets Facebook’s ads policies, it will be approved. If not, you will receive a warning stating why it hasn’t been approved and you can take action.

So what do you think of Facebook’s decision to let users create native promotions from Instagram?

Do you think the revenue will go up after this decision? Or people will be more encouraged to advertise on Instagram? Let us know in comments! 

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