Instagram Reels Arrive to More Markets

Last year, Instagram was launching Reels in Brazil. What is Reels you might ask? Well, it is Tik Tok’s competitor, meaning short format videos – 15 seconds long – where you can sing, dance or explain something to your followers. Besides this, you can also edit the videos you shoot to make them more attractive to your public. After you are done with the filming part, share them on Instagram.

After being available to a singular market until now, Instagram decided to take Instagram Reels to Europe as well and make it available in France and Germany as well.

What’s new with Instagram Reels?

As usual, any launch is coming with improvements, after listening to feedback coming from users. Such is the case of the Instagram Reels, which, at the first launch last year had only basic functionalities to see how it works and how much traction does it have.

An important update that it got is the fact that you can now share them in your Instagram feed and check them in the Explore mode, more than just in Instagram Stories. This is a big improvement, as they won’t stay on the platform for only 24 hours. But live in the feed for a longer time.

Instagram Reels
Image source: Instagram

Reels will give more visibility to the content creator and it won’t be big news if we hear in the near future that the feature will be expanded to more and more markets and might even take the Stories’ place in people’s hearts.

And it might also attract teenagers back to the platform, as many of them have migrated to Tik Tok lately. Of course, teenagers 13 or older, in order to be compliant with Facebook’s terms and conditions. 

What do you think about Instagram Reels? Is the new feature already available in your country? If yes, do you use it? If no, are you waiting for it?

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