Apple Blocks Facebook Update

You might have already heard of the Epic Games vs Apple, where the gaming company has accused Apple of taking 30% of the fees for games and, to be true, all “marketplace” like platforms have a certain fee to intermediate other companies with end-users.

Facebook joined the “war” and now they are being penalized for it. What is it all about? Let’s see!

Facebook vs Apple

Last month, Facebook has announced that it will introduce a new feature that would allow users to buy tickets to online events through the platform, not being obliged to go to third party apps or websites in order to do so. 

The good part of this native feature is that Facebook doesn’t collect any fee from the organizers, trying to give them a helping hand in this period of crisis we are all going through.

In their latest update on both iOS and Android, they wanted to introduce this new feature. If with Google everything went just fine – or this is what we know at the moment -, Apple said a big No to it and blocked the update. Why is this so? Because it violated Apple’s rules for not giving them a fee of 30% of the receipts. 

Facebook representatives tried to talk to Apple’s ones and make them understand that all the fees go to the organizers and they are not receiving a penny out of this, but the later ones declined the deal, saying that it might also become a precedent and the rules are the same for everyone. 

In the update, Facebook attached the following visual, in which they are saying that Apple takes 30% of the purchase. But later, they deleted it.

Source: Facebook

If in the case of Epic Games, Apple has won the battle, taking Fortnite off from the Apple Store, we’re curious on how the giants’ war will continue, because we believe this is just the first battle.

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