5 SEO Strategies You Need To Nail A High Rank

Authority, content and age are the three trust pillars of Google’s relevancy equation, which if you fail to meet, you’ll find yourself floundering in the sea of competition and robbed with the chance of putting your site to visible waters.
Just beyond these pillars of trust, there are more than 200 ranking algorithms that are involved in Google’s search index. The majority of these ranking factors run a broad spectrum from obvious to obscure.
For instance, one of the ranking factors includes how much is the remaining time before your domain will expire. The logic behind is that when domains are on the registry for a short period, say a year, they are more likely a fly-by-night-sites. This means that the longer your domain is registered for, there’s a higher probability that it’s going to remain for a long time.
Yes, it’s true that the signal for relevance is quite small, but it only goes to show that the algorithms for Google’s ranking factors are unpredictable and obscure.
To stay relevant and visible, the 5 SEO strategies below can work your way towards dominating the digital society this year.

5 SEO Strategies You Need To Nail A High Rank


1. Market Your Content

Content marketing is the reigning king when it comes to effective strategies that you can utilize.
The bread and butter of this strategy are the high-quality contents that carry an indispensable value for your site or business. These so-called anchor materials live on your website, but it does not end there. It is necessary for you to market these contents on authority sites like LinkedIn, WiseLike, Reddit, Quora and other destinations on the web that generates high traffic.
Content marketing, by any measure, is not easy. However, this SEO strategy is an impeccable way to rocket anything in your listings to the first page of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) in no time, as long as it’s executed properly.
If you want to rank high in the results pages, there’s a particular method that you need to follow. You need to guarantee that you build relevant and similar contents that are keyword specific on authority sites like LinkedIn.com and Quora.com. Also, make sure that your contents have a single link from the authority site back to the primary anchor content on your main domain.

2. Improve the Speed of Your Page

 The rate of speed of your site plays a crucial role in the experience of the user. Pages that are loading too slowly destructs the user experience, while pages that load faster brings satisfaction to the users and credibility to your site.
The primary concern of Google is the overall experience of the user. Optimizing the speed of your page is one way of improving that experience. There are various tools that you can use to gain and run some insights on how to improve the loading speed of your site. If you’re not a tech-savvy, you can hire a web developer to optimize the speed of your page.

3. Focus On Mobile and AMP

2017 is indeed the best year for mobilization of SEO. The statistics of searching on mobile devices are now surpassing desktop searches by leaps and bounds. It’s not surprising why search engine moguls are engaging more on mobile-first index right now.
Nevertheless, most people are still behind the curve when it comes to using mobile devices. It’s essential that you leverage a responsive design for your site if you don’t have one. This is to make sure that your site is ready for mobile devices.
Just recently, Google released it’s Accelerated Mobile pages or AMP project which aims to enhance the user experience on mobiles.

4. Enhance The Power of Video Marketing

Regardless of what year you’re into right now, 2017 or any other year for that matter, SEO strategies needs reinforcement from video marketing.
Videos can transport your content different stratosphere because of the popular video platforms, YouTube being the most popular. Making informative and tutorial videos are also useful outlets to bring genuine value to people in a multimedia format that are accessible to anyone with a smartphone camera.
Construct relevant videos to relay the messages of your articles and see to it that the descriptions are keyword rich but not keyword stuffed. Maximize elements such as tags and titles to augment the keyword-centric nature of your video contents.

5. Socialize And Open Your Communication

You cannot establish authority overnight. It will take months and even years to gain authority for your site. But, you cannot build it unless you go out, socialize and engage with others.
Visitors don’t just come to your website, especially when you’re a newcomer. As a matter of fact, ranking your contents at the outset is incredibly hard. You’re still an infant, and you only have little authority. So you need to get out and open your communication.
Remember that it’s not just all about repeatedly sharing contents with other people. You can’t cheerlead your cause and expect your site to spearhead right away. You need to socialize, put some fun spin to conversations and follow others. Find out what people do and what interests them, this way you’re also gaining their interest about you.


Succeeding in SEO takes a lot of tactics and dedication. It’s not an easy water to charter, in particular for the newcomers. But, with the right arsenals on your hand, the probability for you to succeed and outlast your competitors are high. Put your best foot forward and dominate the search engine rankings.
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