Stay Away from SEO Traps to Boost Your Google Ranking

Google is in the habit of altering its algorithms and dynamics for ranking websites. SEO is currently undergoing rapid and drastic changes in its strategies for ranking a website. With the introduction and evolution of the Google Penguin Update, it is essential to keep yourself updated and abreast with the latest practices to achieve a better ranking in the SERPs. As there are diverse practices that marketers adopt, it is quite likely that they may get involved in some strategy that they should have actually avoided. You must stay updated with the latest SEO strategies & tactics but at the same time, be cautious about the SEO traps. Here are some traps to avoid for getting a better SEO ranking.

Stay Away from SEO Traps to Boost Your Google Ranking


Link Building

It has been clearly stated by Google that you are allowed to ask for, buy or sell links provided you do not violate any of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. You must adopt an efficient link building approach for maximizing your visitors but remember never to violate Google’s guidelines.

Anchor Texts

With the very first Penguin update that took place in 2012, it became really dicey if exact match anchor text is being used in the search engine optimization. Intentional or unintentional abusing of anchor text could make you face a penalty for over-optimization. You must choose to have only five to about ten links to a broad spectrum of anchor texts plus only some major keywords. You could consider using the branded anchor texts for positive effects.

Unfriendly Mobile Design

Mobile friendliness is a key ranking factor. If your website is mobile friendly then it would perform better. Mobile-friendly & well-designed websites are known to perform better as compared to those that have not been optimized for the mobile users. Some interesting factors such as crammed up links and very small texts could be the reason for a website to be regarded as non-mobile friendly. If your web page is mobile optimized, you could give a better user experience and get better conversion rates that could further boost your SEO ranking. Get in touch with a reputed bulk mailer Mumbai for promoting your website.

User Engagement

It is necessary for your site to be immensely engaging to reduce the bounce rate. You need to carefully understand and analyze audience behavior for boosting user engagement.

User Experience

Remember your website’s popularity would be very much dependent on user experience. A good user experience is necessary for boosting user engagement. The poor user experience would culminate in drastic fall in SEO ranking. Your visitors would at once switch over to your competitors. So, it is essential to guarantee latest, fresh and top quality content along with easy navigation.

Content Creation & Quality

You must create fresh content as you need to constantly update your website’s content to attain better SEO ranking. Look for original content as duplicate or copied content could adversely affect your ranking. You need to create informative and relevant content to draw in more traffic and to keep the visitors engaged.


Thanks to the various algorithm updates, it has been possible for Google to handle all the sly tricks implemented by webmasters to get better rankings.  Many people have manipulated their SEO rankings by locating spamming sites and loopholes. However, thanks to the upcoming updates, the unethical practices would not be able to fetch them higher SEO rankings anymore. In fact, they could be penalized for malpractices and awarded a lower SERP ranking. Stay away from these undesirable traps by introducing important changes to eliminate any future issues.
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