Killer SEO Checklist: 75+ actionable SEO tactics (Infographic)

If you are a business with a website, then making SEO a part of your digital marketing strategy is a must. Since, the key to online success is getting as high up as possible on a search engine, building a strong SEO platform will help you to not only improve your brand’s visibility, but it will also help you to generate more organic traffic for your website.
Also, as the primary focus of search engine optimization is to help you build a website that facilitates smooth navigating experience for users and to make it as easy as possible for search engine to access your business, integrating the best SEO practices in your marketing strategy can help you get that crucial edge that you need, to stay one-step ahead of your competitors.
Further, to help you understand how important SEO is for your website here is a list of some of its essential benefits

  • 1. It makes website’s navigation easy for users
  • 2. It is a cost-effective technique that provides long-term benefit
  • 3. It helps to increase click through rate
  • 4. Optimizes your site for better ranking on SERPs
  • 5. Helps to build relationship with other bloggers
  • 6. Reduces bounce rate
  • 7. Helps to get qualified web traffic
  • 8. Creates more exposure for your website
  • 9. Help speed up search engines indexing
  • 10. Helps to generate quality links
  • 11. Enhances your content strategy
  • 12. Assists you in maximizing your ROI

Moreover, SEO provides you quantifiable results that can be traced easily through the means of various SEO metrics, thereby helping you analyze each and every element of your SEO campaign, which aids you in calculating the value of SEO when compared to your investment.
Now, when it comes to the actual implementation of SEO on your website, having an appropriate set-up is crucial. While you may be aware or use some of the SEO tactics that can help you increase your site’s traffic, social shares, and ranking, let me assure you that independently, without all the essential key factors, these techniques won’t make much difference to your site ranking or traffic. Plus, since search engine optimization comprises of both on-page as well as off-page SEO strategies, implementing one and not the other will yield no result.
Additionally, with over 200+ Google ranking factors to choose from, sorting out the relevant techniques from the outdated SEO tactics can be a huge task. Further, with constant updates done by Google, to keep SEO strategies from being manipulated, getting a grip of the latest tricks related to SEO can be a challenge.
However, to help you in this task here’s an amazing infographic that has all the essential SEO factors that you need to improve your site’s performance on search engines.
This infographic is an exhaustive checklist that consists of 75+ actionable SEO tactics that can help you to effectively improve your website’s traffic and increase your site’s earnings. Also, to make it easier for you and to speed up your optimization process, this infographic is strategically divided into 2 parts, i.e. on-page and off page SEO.
Additionally, accompanying this infographic is a detailed guide that gives you further information on how best to implement these strategies, so as to help users find your website with more ease on search engines.
What’s more, you can print this infographic or download a free PDF of this guide and use it as a reference when you are about to launch a new website or when optimizing your existing site.
So go ahead, take a look at this stunning post and integrate these tactics into your SEO campaign to grow your business!
Killer SEO Checklist [Infographic] by the team at Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP
Killer SEO Checklist