Why Your Brand Needs a Voice Marketing Strategy in 2021

Ever since the average consumer started taking an interest in smart homes, the way companies thought about marketing changed.  

Businesses have slowly started to realize that there is another way that they can approach their customers. People no longer have to fiddle around with a screen if they want to order a pizza. They can tell their smart assistant on their phone to have a pizza delivered straight to their house. 

As more consumers start to incorporate a voice marketing strategy into their broader marketing plan, we can expect companies to follow suit and invest heavily in voice marketing.

Companies and organizations that take advantage right now, when there is relatively less competition, can expect to reap the benefits of voice well after other marketers jump into voice marketing. 

Here is why your brand needs a voice marketing strategy: 

1. Voice search is convenient

People want convenience, and voice search is the next big thing in comfort. 

Smart assistants and smart speakers located around our houses, or even our smartphones make it easy for us to say what we need.  

Simple things like searching for the weather in your area have been taken over by voice.  

Remember the last time you typed in a weather-related search query in Google? Most people wouldn’t. Why type in something when you can tell your smart assistant to find the weather for you?  

We used to think that Google and other search engines have removed barriers to information in the past. No longer did we need to wait for the weather person on the news. But now, as technology advances, people have come to realize that typing in things is another barrier to information. 

Brands that live for user convenience should jump right into voice marketing while it is still relevant. The next big thing after voice will probably be something like the Neuralink. 

2. It’s a relatively new technology

Even though voice technology has been around for a while now, its mass popularization can be attributed to smartphones and personal assistants. You will still see a lot of brands be hesitant towards voice marketing. 

Although these wary brands are right in the sense that there is no proven formula or strategy that works and gives a constant ROI, it cannot be too big of a blow to test out voice marketing. 

The thing about any new technology or product is that the early adopters have a significant advantage if they don’t bomb on them. Brands that experiment and take calculated risks with their marketing strategies often end up gaining the most. 

You don’t have to start using voice marketing right now without a plan or a comprehensive strategy on how it will help grow your business. Since voice is still untested compared to other marketing channels, you won’t be able to replicate someone else’s marketing strategy. 

3. SEO is changing because of voice

For the realm of online marketing, SEO has been one of the most popular marketing strategies. The best thing about SEO is that it’s a long-term strategy that will continue to yield results even after you’ve taken a break from SEO. 

The influx of voice searches has made it clear that voice will have an impact on SEO. 

Search engines like Google make it their priority to provide the best user experience possible. If a growing number of users think that voice search is the best way to use Google, they are bound to change. 

If you have been working in SEO or been in the marketing industry for long enough, you will know that when the featured snippets came out, people really freaked out. 

Long time SEO experts had to change their marketing strategy and focus on providing the best user experience. On site tools like chat bots and a live chat app (examples include SwiftChat, Tawk.to) will also be instrumental in future SEO success.  

With the popularization of voice search, you can expect to see long-tail keywords becoming more common. Brands will need to incorporate search queries and terms that are more natural regarding the way we speak.  

By focusing on these things, your brand will start to evolve its SEO strategy for the better. The more you pay attention to how people interact with search engines, the better it will be for  

4. Voice marketing still has a way to go

With any new technology, it’s a given that the final, perfected form of the product will be far different from the initial MVP (minimum viable product).  

Voice marketing in its current state still has some hiccups that need to be addressed. While search engines like Google have made great strides in understanding user intent, much work still remains to be done.  

Natural language processing is one such field that is focused heavily on understanding what a person really wants. Computers, in their current form, still have a hard time understanding the context of human languages.  

Voice marketing will definitely see a big boost when these technical difficulties see their end. Until then, brands have to work with what they have when it comes to voice marketing.  

Creative brands will naturally be at an advantage when it comes to voice. You will really need to make your brand stand out (positively, of course) when you engage in voice marketing. You would want to make a long-lasting, positive impression on your target audience with voice. Hopefully, that will be enough to convert them into paying customers.   


Brands need to keep up with the latest trends in marketing. You will remember how the brands that embraced social media early on benefitted from it and had an advantage over their later rivals. 

Voice marketing is the same thing. It has the potential of making a massive change in the way we market to our audiences. Though technology can still be further improved, now is the best time for brands and businesses to take a genuine interest in voice and use it to their advantage. 

Since there is no one way or standard formula for making a superb marketing strategy for voice, you will need to experiment and tinker with different concepts and ideas and hope that they work out.

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