Twitter Brings New Conversation Settings to Replies

Twitter is the platform where everyone can reply to a tweet at any time. This is good, but also inconvenient sometimes because you can get replies from people you barely know and not on the subject matter of the topic.

If on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram you can choose who to see, reply and share your posts, meaning you can choose them to be either public or private or, if you want to go into more details, to select your audience. You can do this for both your personal profile or for pages/businesses.

Let’s see what changes are planned for Twitter!

Twitter Brings New Conversation Settings to Replies

Limit replies to your tweet

As the headline says, Twitter is currently testing – with the help of selected users – the possibility to limit replies to posted tweets and to give more privacy to the platform – in what this is concerned. 

The new feature will be signalized with a glove icon in the corner and, when tapped, you will be able to choose who can reply to your tweet: everyone; people you follow; only people you mention. 

If you choose one of the last two options, there will be a grey area for all the other ones, that will not allow them to reply to the tweet. If they try to write a reply, they will get a notification explaining why they can’t do it.

But, in any of the cases, anyone can see both the tweet and the replies.

The feature is still being tested and there is no guarantee that it will be launched publicly. Beta-testers will give their opinion on the feature, improvements to be made and other details that can make a difference. 

It seems that Twitter started giving a make-over to replies starting with the threaded conversations and now giving more privacy to the replies.

What do you think of the change Twitter is planning?

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