10 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Grow a Strong Audience On Instagram

The number of people having access to the internet is increasing every day. The statistics show that the no. of people having access to the internet has crossed 3.5 billion, and it’s still increasing. In today’s context, the marketers don’t only target people from the developed world, but they are targeting people from developing nations as well. One of the best ways to reach massive audiences is through social media.
Some of the popular social media networks are: Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. The Facebook alone has over 1.2 billion active users. Many other social media networks don’t have as many users as Facebook, but they do have sizable number of users and their own distinct features. Instagram is one of the social media websites with a huge potential.
Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app that allows users to share their photos either privately or publicly in its platform as well as on various other platforms, such as the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. According to  statistics, there are over 500 million active users on Instagram. This shows the potential of the Instagram for the marketers. However, you won’t be effective on Instagram without growing your audience. Here are the top 10 ways to grow a strong audience on Instagram.



10 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Grow a Strong Audience On Instagram


1. Post frequently

You may be thinking that publishing too many posts can bother your audience, but it is not the case. It’s a necessity to engage your followers. It has been found that the pages with the higher number of followers are the ones who post more frequently than those who have a lower number of followers. The success of influencer marketing campaign also highly depends upon the frequency of the posting.

2. Research and make use of hashtags

There is a very less significance of hashtags in Facebook, but it plays a crucial role in the case of the Instagram. You should carefully research the hashtags that best suits your niche. Just using the random hashtags won’t do any good to you.

3. Promote your Instagram account on other platforms

There is a high chance that your Facebook followers might not know about your Instagram account. We can see many people asking their Facebook followers to follow them on the Instagram, and this technique can be used by you too. You can simply take the screenshot of your Instagram profile and post it on the Facebook, or you can ask your Facebook followers to follow you on Instagram.

4. Like other people’s photos

Do you feel better if someone like your photo? If yes, then you should realize that others will feel good too, if you like their photos. If you frequently like other photos, you will be noticed by them. Many social media influencers don’t just post photos, but they also like other people’s photos.

5. Comment on photos

When you comment on photos, you are likely to get many feedbacks from many different people. You should not comment on photos saying something like “Follow me”. Your comment must be thoughtful to be noticed by others.  Sometimes, it is better to comment on the user’s photo with fewer followers, as your comment might be lost in the flood of comments if you comment on the page with millions of followers.

6. Call-to-action

The posts with higher engagement are more likely to appear in your feed. The engagement of the users is the key to reaching a large number of audiences. You can ask someone a question or post something very interesting on your profile so that people cannot resist themselves from liking and commenting on the post.

7. Make use of filters

It is not effective to post some random photos on your Instagram that are not attractive. You should make use of filters to make your photos awesome. The awesome thing about filters is that it can even turn your mediocre photos into awesome photos. According to the study, the filtered photos are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to get a comment from another Instagram user.

8. Geotag your photos

Adding a location to your photo is also called geotagging your photos. This is a very simple thing to do, but it is a very effective method to increase your exposure. The study shows that the photos with a location have 79% more engagement than other photos with no location in it. It’s a very simple thing to do. It just takes few seconds to add a location to your photo.

9. Encourage your followers to tag their friends

You cannot encourage your followers to tag their friends by posting a boring photo. You need to think of some new or existing ideas that will encourage your followers to tag their friends. A good way to encourage your followers to tag their friends could be done by posting some events, and asking them if there are some of their friends who want to join the event with them.

10. Use emojis

You may have already used emojis in the past without knowing the power of using the emojis. You can use emojis to reach out to the people. A cameraman can use emojis to reach out to the people who are interested in photography. When you use the emojis, you will appear in the search results of the people who are searching for emojis. All different kinds of emojis are great ways to show your feelings and interest.


Instagram is a very popular social media because of its exclusive features. Having a large audience will further increase the excitement of using the Instagram. If you use all the tips mentioned in this article, you will definitely reach more people from your Instagram profile. You should put yourself in other’s shoes to get an idea about their interest and emotions, as it will help you to increase your engagement. Having sizable followers in the Instagram will not only be useful to increase your fun, but it can also be used for the marketing campaign.
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