Facebook Takes a Cue with Facebook Stories

First Snapchat, then Instagram, and now Facebook. Suffice it to say, Stories on social media are here to stay.
This past Tuesday, Facebook unveiled a series of features included in the new in-app camera. These features include filters, frames, and other special effects, all of which can be accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices. Furthermore, the snapshots that users take can be uploaded onto Facebook Stories – if you’re familiar with Snapchat or Instagram Stories, it more or less functions the same – for others to see. Snapchat unveiled Stories back in 2013 and Facebook is now part of this ever-growing craze.
It’s not like Facebook isn’t without help, as it will partner with different brands in order to bring different effects into the mix. For example, with the Power Rangers movie that came out last week, Power Rangers-related filters have been added, such as those that depict users as one of five multicolored superheroes. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is another example, as users can take pictures of themselves alongside the endearing Baby Groot. As new movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment draw near, perhaps filters and effects related to them will become available.
On the surface, the addition of Facebook Stories is good news for the social media mogul. Despite the fact that other social media platforms have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, Facebook remains ahead of the class with over 1.86 billion monthly users. With a site that houses so many users, it would make sense for them to adapt to new changes and trends in the digital world. Facebook Stories is a prime example. With that said, is it necessarily a “Snapchat killer” as so many people make it out to be?

This is a difficult question to answer for a couple of reasons. For one, Facebook Stories is still a brand new feature, so it needs time in order to grow. It’s also worth noting that despite the smaller size of Snapchat, it’s still a powerhouse in its own right. It’s not an app that’s exclusive to a younger demographic, as even those in their late 20s and beyond have made it a mainstay on their mobile devices. Facebook Stories may slow Snapchat, but it’s difficult to say, for sure, that it will bring this app’s progress to a screeching halt.
For now, there is plenty to commend Facebook Stories for. As a service that allows users to post updates in real time, all the while using fun and outlandish filters, it has plenty of potentials. Not only can it grab the interest of the average Facebook user, but perhaps an online marketing firm looking to expand its array of services. Everyone’s experience will be different, which makes this service all the more noteworthy.
What is your take on Facebook Stories? Do you see it as a mere clone, or do you believe it has enough features to help it stand out? Please leave your thoughts down below!

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