Reactions Coming to LinkedIn

It feels like communication is starting to become more and more basic or visual we could say, because of the reactions we see on all the social media platforms. We see them on Facebook, on Instagram when responding to a story and it seems like LinkedIn did also want to join this party and here is the big news: they introduced LinkedIn reactions to posts.

Which are the new LinkedIn reactions and how can you use them?

1. Like – but there is nothing new about it. Still there if you don’t want to speak in words and comment on a status or article you see on LinkedIn.

2. Celebrate – this new reaction can be used when talking about a milestone such as a new job, a job anniversary or an anniversary. 

3. Love – can be used when wanting to share gratitude towards a mentor or a colleague that you admire.

4. Insightful – when you see an idea that you like or feels on point.

5. Curious – when you feel curious about something you’ve seen or read on LinkedIn and might want to hear more about it.

How did they choose those particular LinkedIn reactions?

Of course, there might have been also other reactions that users might want to see on LinkedIn, but they chose those particular ones. How? Let’s see! 

For a certain amount of time, people at LinkedIn have studied most of the two words comments to see what they mean and which reactions would best replace them. This is also true for the topics being discussed on the platform and interests its users have towards different fields.

LinkedIn reactions have started rolling out on both web and mobile app and they will be available worldwide in the following weeks.

What do you think about the reactions taking over all the social media platforms? Do you think this new way of communication is encouraging more the interactions or, the opposite, they are defocusing people in communicating properly and expressing ideas through words?

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