LinkedIn Carousel Ads Format Is Finally Launched

It seems that LinkedIn has finally decided to keep up with trends and introduced a new type of sponsored content: the LinkedIn Carousel Ads.
The carousel ads are not a mystery for marketers, as they were first introduced by Facebook some time ago. It is well known that storytelling, whether it is a readable or a visual one, has made businesses transmit their stories in a very unique way.
LinkedIn by itself has a niche, the B2B companies, professionals looking for other professionals to hire or professionals looking for jobs. The update comes in hand to both sides. For companies, because they have a new way of advertising what they have to offer; and for the other professionals to see how companies are advertising their need in a creative way.
LinkedIn says that the new type of native advertising is meant to humanize brands and to give them a new possibility of telling their stories and to create a new type of relationship with their audience. Whether we are talking about other businesses or professionals.


Top 3 main points that LinkedIn carousel ads are helping with


1. Tell your brand’s story

In a LinkedIn carousel ad, you can upload up to 10 cards and personalize each of it. You can tell your story, the products or solutions you are offering, showcase multiple offerings or going in depth with a single one, offering more details about it or give more information on the industry you are in.

2. Engage with your audience

Being interactive, LinkedIn carousel ads offer you the possibility to create eye-catching visuals that other users might interact with. You will be challenged to create outstanding visuals that will stand out in the feed, where people are scrolling. Encourage them to interact with your ad in various ways and you will get their attention.

3. Raise brand awareness

Carousel ads are a good way to raise brand awareness through the information you are able to share with your audience in a new, creative way. Send them to a landing page you want or to a section of your website where they can find the information they might be interested in. They are a good way of generating leads.
Before making the new type of advertising open to all businesses on LinkedIn, they have made a test with over 300 beta users that have proven to be successful. 75% of them have seen an increasing rate in both engagement and click-through rates.
What do you think of the new advertising tool that LinkedIn is offering? Are you going to use it?
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