Social media monitoring tools are essential business elements that every business should do in running their day to day activities. These tools are of great significance as they help in identifying customer’s response, data analysis and coming up with business marketing strategies. Here are 30 top social media monitoring tools that you need to try as a social media manager, marketing manager or even as a project manager.


30 Top Social Media Monitoring Tools You Need to Try


1. Sprout Social

sproutsocial tool


Sprout social is a management tool that is good for brand monitoring, message scheduling, publishing and web alerts. Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Sprout Social.


2. Hootsuite




HootSuite is ranked as one of the top most used free social media monitoring tool. This tool gives and analyses information from social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and WordPress among others. Sign up for a Free 30 day trial of HootSuite Pro right away.


3. TwitterCounter

twittercounter tool


TwitterCounter is a tool that helps in tracking Twitter users and also provides statistics of usage. It also helps in showing the most recent users and how many numbers of followers each one has.


4. SocialBro

socialbro tool


SocialBro is a tool that helps in Twitter analysis and account management. Helps managers in understanding their business and develop growth strategies.

5. Social Mention

social mention tool


Social mention is one of the most popular social media monitoring tools that monitor lots of social media sites. This tool analyses and also helps measure social media influence.


6. Twazzup

twazzup tool


Twazzup is a monitoring tool designed for Twitter users. This tool helps in tracking and giving real-time updates.


7. Addictomatic

addictomatic tool


Addictomatic is more similar to Twazzup functionalities. The only difference between the two is that Addictomatic can be used in more sites such as YouTube, WordPress, Bing, Google, and among others. It helps to monitor brand development and reputation thus useful for a business.


8. HowSociable

how sociable tool


HowSociable, as the name suggest, is a tool that measures how sociable are you or your competitors in the social media field. This tool helps everyone to know if their presence is being felt by the customers of their brand or by the target market.


9. IceRocket

icerocket tool


IceRocket is another tool that is available in 20 different languages thus good for providing information on a wide target market. It is mostly used for monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.


10. Mention



Mention is a new and useful social media monitoring tool that will monitor millions of sources (in 42 languages) and make sure you’re not missing anything new that will be published on social networks, blogs or any web page about your brand (personal or business).


11. Netvibes



Netvibes is a tool that can track customers, clients and competitors as well as your personal or business brand on different social media channels.


12. Google Alerts

google alerts tool


Google alerts are alerts that are sent to you via email. What you need to do here is just choose the type of alert you need to be relayed to you such as news, blogs, web, video etc.


13. Technorati



Technorati is another top rated and useful social media monitoring tool which is quite essential for bloggers. Once you are subscribed to it, it gives you information on related blogs.


14. Trackur



Trackur is also a social media monitoring tool that helps you track and get information on companies that you are interested in, such as your competitor’s companies. It helps you to know what strategies they are using in their business that makes them excel so that you can compare notes.


15. Web2express Monitoring



Web2express is also a good monitoring tool that is easy to sign up and use. It helps you in web searches and gives you real-time feedback on what you are looking for. It’s also useful in analyzing blogs and Twitter conversation.


16. Curalate



Curalate is a visual analytic tool for the visual web. Curalate applies an image recognition algorithms to different social media conversations (ex: Pinterest, Instagram).


17. Meltwater



Meltwater is an interesting combination of a social media monitoring and analytics tools that efficient the social engagement and will help you to create more effective marketing campaigns.


18. Google Analytics

google analytics


Google analytic is also a top social media tool that helps in measuring social media traffic, alongside web and mobile traffic in general.


19. Viralheat

viralheat tool


Viralheat is actually one of the best top paid social media tools that help businesses in making a comparison of their brands and products.


20. Spredfast

spreadfast tool


Spredfast is another tool that is quite significant to social media managers. What this tool does is that it helps manage workflow and it’s result oriented. It also has the ability to track and solve customer issues making it efficient for customer care services.


21. Sysomos

sysomos tool


Sysomos is a top paid social media management and monitoring tool that help gather intelligence through visual data analysis from accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


22. UberVU

ubervu tool


UberVU is another amazing monitoring tool that is able to do a diverse range of monitoring for your business hence an efficient tool for social media managers. This tool can monitor brands, good for real-time customer care services, account management and brand tracking.


23. Klout



Klout is an interesting monitoring tool. This tool is great for Twitter discussions and audience engagement. These activities help in getting more information on a business brand leading to getting in-depth knowledge of the consumer.


24. Tweetbeep



Tweetbeep is very similar to Google Alerts but is a monitoring tool just for Twitter. You can search specific keywords and get the results to your email address.


25. TweetReach



TweetReach is another social media monitoring tool that is useful for following trends and activities on Twitter. This tool will help you to know who your followers are, which is an important factor in identifying your main target, easily.


26. Wildfire Social Media Monitor

Wildfire Social Media Monitor


Wildfire Social Media Monitor is a tool that measures your performance on social media, whether you are growing in terms of fan base or stagnating.


27. BackTweets

backtweets tool


BackTweets is a social monitoring tool that helps track tweets history that is linked to your site.


28. Talkwalker



Talkwalker is an interesting tool that will analyze your social media reputation for different social media channels in real time.


29. Buffer

buffer tool


Buffer is a tool that simplifies things for you as it sequentially updates posts for you once they are filled with contents from you.


30. Boardreader

boardreader tool


Boardreader is a monitoring tool that allows sharing information and finding answers to questions from people who share the same interests.


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