Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What happens after I pay for one of the four packages?

After you finish the payment process for one of our four packages, you will receive a confirmation email from your new Social Media Account Manager in 1-2 working days.
Your new Social Media Account Manager will contact you for more details  (ask everything that he / she needs) to help you right away with your company / personal social media presence.
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2. What information and materials will my new Social Account Manager ask from me?

Your new Social Account Manager will ask for different materials like: images, videos, blog links etc for new promotions, events, products, services, categories etc in order to promote them to all social channels.
Also, you’ll be asked about your time zone in order to publish the social post at the right time for your audience.
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3. What happens if I don’t have one or more of the social media channels that you have in your packages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram)?

It is not a problem, we can create them for you and you’ll pay just $10 for every new social media channel.
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4. What happens if I don’t have the exact number of materials you include to promote me on the social media channels?

In this case, you have 2 options:

  1. We can share other useful and interesting information (infographics, videos, tops, news etc) from other top websites in your niche
  2. We can produce new materials for you (images, blog posts etc) but you will have to pay extra.

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If you have other questions send us an email at: adi [ at ] hotinsocialmedia [ . ]  com