Google Launches YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Remember YouTube Red? It will become history, as Google is splitting its premium YouTube Red into two different services: YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. What does this mean? What will the new services offer? Let’s find out!

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the new product from Google that wants to compete with Spotify and other music streaming apps. It gets a new mobile app and a desktop player, designed for music.
The new app will give you the same benefits you get while listening music on the web platform: recommendations based on what you have listened before and much more, such as playlists based on your location. If, for example, you are at the gym, they will recommend music for training. If you are in an airport, you will get recommendations for music for waiting, for example.
Google says that the AI behind the algorithm of finding the accurate music for each user, by suggesting related playlists, mixes, live versions or covers. A novelty that comes with the app is that it will be able to find music by lyrics or by a general description of a song.
As for the pricing, YouTube Music will have a free version, but this one comes along with ads. If you want an ads free version, that also allows you to download and listen to music in the background, you will have to pay 9,99 $.

YouTube Premium

The new YouTube Premium will give you access to the YouTube Music content and also to selected libraries of movies and original series from countries like UK, Mexico, France, Germany and many others.
Same as with the YouTube Music, YouTube Premium will allow you to download the content and listen to it offline and will be free of ads.
The price for YouTube Premium will be 11,99 $ and for the users that already have a YouTube Red account, the price will not change, meaning it will remain 9,99 $. The new service comes with a launch in new countries such as Canada, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Russia and many more.
YouTube Music will roll out on May 22 in the countries that YouTube Red is streaming, coming up for the rest of the world soon.
What do you think of Google’s action?
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