How to Write an Awesome Blog Post Super-Fast – The Complete Guide

Do you want to write an awesome blog post for your business or personal blog and do you want it fast? Keep in mind some basics principles and you will create valuable content, without wasting your time. This article is for you.

Blog post ideas – What to write about?

You have a business, so you have a strategic plan to develop, a market analysis to do, opportunities to find, focus on competition and… to write an awesome blog post.
You know that the blog is part of your business success, it drives traffic to your website and converts it into leads. So, it’s time for a new blog article, but you don’t have any idea and also not such a long time to do write it. You are in front of a blank Word page on your laptop. Well, which are the next steps?

Who can write the best content for your blog? Final answer: You!

You started a business, so you are the specialist in your industry. You can best explain about braces, geothermal heat pumps or organic food.  
So, don’t hurry to delegate the blog task to a member of your team. Even if you collaborate with a content writer it is important to offer them the insights and the advice which only you know. This way, you will have a strong blog article with unique and valuable information, not containing generic ideas.

Find the best blog idea from your buyer’s journey

It’s simpler to find an idea for your blog post when you know all about the target audience. So, it’s easier to find an article subject and a tone of voice when you write for a person about you know his age, sex, occupation, salary, goals and challenges, education, free time spending, purchase decision, buying habits (buyer persona).
More than this, you can connect your blog post idea with your buyer’s journey, I mean the three different stages that lead up to a purchase: awareness, consideration, and decision. What does it mean?

  1. Awareness Stage > A 30 years old man does not feel comfortable with his smile because of his stiff teeth. He puts his hand on the mouth when he laughs and he is a little bit nervous when a picture of him is taken or he needs to speak very close to a person. So, he knows he needs a beautiful denture in order to feel good.

Blog title ideas:

  • Why braces are no longer a treatment for children, but a real solution for an adult’s confident smile?
  • 5 most common adult fears about braces and what the specialist says
  • Why in this day and age is it so simple and comfortable to wear braces?
  1. Consideration Stage > The 30 years old man did some research and he knows very well that braces are a good solution to get a great smile. Now, he is wondering which is the most appropriate braces, for him to get good results in a short time.

Blog title ideas:

  • All braces models in 2019 – benefits and disadvantages, prices and treatment plans
  • Sapphire braces – patients’ opinions, duration of the treatment, price
  • Invisible braces – the latest models on the market, procedure, prices
  1. Decision Stage > The 30-year-old man knows what braces are suitable for his lifestyle and budget, and he needs to consider a dental clinic for the first appointment. Of course, you want him to call your clinic, and not the competition’s one.

Blog title ideas:

  • Installment payment of braces – Gain your confident smile faster than you think!
    • 15 most important questions about braces and the responses of the orthodontic specialist from the dental clinic X
  • How to choose the best dental clinic for braces? The importance of the first appointment and what questions to address

Use a keyword research tool to write responses for your customers

If you know what people search on Google, it’s easier for you to write the articles which respond to their problems. You can find the closest searches that people in your country do around a word you are interested in by using a keyword tool.
All these collocations are subject of interest which you need to explore in your articles. In Romania the most appropriate searches, for example for the word braces are:

  • braces
  • braces cost
  • sapphire braces
  • mobile braces
  • ceramic braces
  • for children
  • braces before and after
  • braces forum
  • incognito braces price
  • ceramic braces price
  • braces damon price
  • mobile braces price
  • braces for children price
  • lingual braces price
  • white braces
  • blue braces
  • braces adults

The searches are different for each country, so for each culture, it’s a natural thing. Starting from a list like this you can find the idea for your blog post as:

  • How much do braces cost?
  • What are sapphire braces? A useful guide – advantages, treatment plan, and the price
  • Can mobile braces be recommended for an adult?

If you choose a subject such as sapphire braces, then you can explore this phrase to find how to develop your content article.

  • sapphire braces
  • sapphire braces price
  • sapphire braces opinions
  • sapphire versus ceramic braces
  • sapphire braces pictures
  • sapphire braces images
  • cheap sapphire braces

For these types of keyword suggestions, you can use tools such as:

Simply consult your editorial calendar and pay attention around

They are a lot of events during a year, Christian holidays, International Woman’s Day, Children Day or specific events as: vacation, the beginning of school, the period of weddings in summer and September.
Well, let’s return to our example about braces, so let’s suppose that your business is a dental clinic. How to connect the blog articles ideas to the events? Have a look below.

    • January, February – stimulate your public to set up new objectives at the beginning of the year, for example, a confident smile with braces or dental implant or dental facets;
    • March, April – you can write an article about the nowadays confident woman (for the International Woman’s Day event) and dental procedures which can help her on this line, for example: teeth whitening, braces, dental implant; an article about preparing oral health before Easter;
    • May, June – wedding season start and you can talk about the importance of the groom’s smile, so you can mention the laser teeth whitening procedure;
    • July, August – is the period of vacations, so you can connect this to health travel; so, write an article about your very good prices for different dental procedures and about the accommodation in your city;
    • September, October – school start and you can write about Back to school – How to encourage your child to return to the class with braces, talking about the attractive part of braces as the possibility to personalize them with colors.
  • November, December – let’s talk about a great smile for the New Year’s Eve party or about how to resolve all the dental problems before the beginning of the New Year.

How to write a good title in a short time?

If you have an idea for your blog article, now you need to pass over another challenge – the title. So, how to write a good title in a short time?

Back to keyword research tool – always a good idea

As I presented above, a keyword research tool is important in order to find out what people search on Google for your reference word. We have the example with braces above. Let’s choose another keyword: dental implant. Insert it in a keyword research tool as and you will find all the searches that people do. In Romania the searches are:

  • dental implant
  • dental implant price
  • dental implant forum
  • quick dental implant
  • video dental implant
  • cheap dental implant
  • dental implant price in Bucharest
  • dental implant price in 2019

We observe that they are interested in finding out the price of a dental implant, but also the patients’ opinions (I mean the forum).  Now you can compose a title with these related keywords. This title could be:
Dental Implant – Price in Bucharest, Cost Options, and Patient’s Opinions
A title which contains the keyword is better than one without it or better than a general one such as: Choose a beautiful smile to gain more trust in you!
You need to respond to the audience which searches your keyword.

A forum – the fastest way to find a title

When you write a title, develop a content for a blog article, always think about the questions the public has about your keyword (dental implant, shoes, dresses, Manuka Honey et. al.).
The best point of interest in any subject you can find on a forum. In the period of time when the Internet did not have as much content, users found their responses in specific communities called forums. People used to ask questions, require opinions, recommendations, discuss the topic of mutual interests, and share their interests.
So, let’s suppose that your keyword is a dental implant. Search on Google: dental implant forum. Then click on a result and on the forum page you will find a lot of topics as:

  • Titanium versus zirconium implant dental
  • How can you choose the best implant?
  • Dental implant, immediately after extraction or wait for 6 months
  • What dental implant to choose from the Fast and Fixed system (Teeth in One Day)
  • Toothache after dental implant

Click on a subject and you will find out the description of a personal problem which you can explore on your blog.
So keep in mind that users search on Google for an answer, a solution, or for information. Your title needs to help the user to find out the response. So you can use How, Why, What? in your titles.
Last but not least write a clear title, a not very long one, about 70 characters.

You have a lot of title examples – Read them!

When it’s hard to find a formula for your title, a very good way is to read other titles. Search for blogs in content marketing, SEO, social media, because these titles are well built, in order to gain traffic. Most of these titles and articles hide a lot of documentation about the principles of SEO content.
Read the titles and try to get inspiration from. You can start with the ones from and continue with
Also, you can search for blogs from your area, but remember not to create duplicate content, add value to your title and article.
For example, below are three titles from and how they have been transformed for the dental implant subject.

    • How To Create The Best Social Media Engagement Strategy
    • When You Should Consider Google Advertising
  • 10 Creative Online and Offline Brand Awareness Ideas for 2019

and the transformation:

    • How To Choose The Best Dental Implant for You This Year
    • When Is The Perfect Moment To Consider A Dental Implant?
  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

Blog article – 41 super-fast tips for SEO content

When you start to write an article it’s important to have a structure and some subtitles according to people’ s searches (so don’t forget the keyword tool) and then just write.
Are you a dentist? Great! You can write a lot about dental topics! People are interested in receiving quality information. Yes, it’s very important to focus on quality, despite quantity.
Nowadays Google loves strong and value content, complete content and also the one which response to the public’s questions.


  1. Try to write the best article on the topic that you chose.
  2. Analyze your buyer persona and write thinking about it.
  3. Find out what people search on Google with a keyword tool and start creating the content.
  4. Make a plan of your article using a keyword research tool.
  5. Choose to write a few blog articles, but with long content which serves to users’ search. For example, instead of writing 4 articles each month, containing 500 words, write only one containing 2000 words.
  6. Try to understand that is NOT important the frequency you post on the blog, but the quality and the value of your content (to respond to most of the people’s problems about the subject you write).
  7. Be motivated to write detailed articles, more explicit and documented than those of your competition.
  8. A very strong article will attract a lot of users in the long term.
  9. Don’t be afraid to create a long one, composed of 4 short articles, each of them containing a subtitle (H2). You will write fast each of them and in the end, you will surprise your public. When you are a specialist in the area you write, 2000 words are a piece of cake!
  10. Use words that your public will understand, don’t use jargons.
  11. You need to explain the subject from A to Z, the online users are happy to find out all the information in one place.
  12. Think that each of your blog article is a maximum value which you offer to your readers. Start writing thinking about the next: What problem do I solve for my readers in today’s article?  
  13. Today online readers are fastidious, so they don’t like a general content.
  14. Write a structured article (content, subtitles). The best example is Wikipedia.
  15. Pay attention to the way you compose the subtitles. They are very important to keep the reader’s interest.
  16. Break the article into paragraphs, as many as possible.
  17. Write naturally and don’t feel constrained by your keywords.
  18. Write clearly and concisely.
  19. If you want to work with a content writer but offer him specialized information.
  20. Review carefully your article.

Link Building:

  1. Insert links to other pages of your website. Help your users to discover more, maybe another useful blog article. So, improve the users’ engagement on your website.
  2. Send your user to relevant content about the subject of your article. So, if it’s a text where you describe the procedure of a dental implant, don’t insert a link towards the article about infant caries.
  3. Help Google to understand which is the main article that you want to be on top. For example, you have a strong article (2500+ words) with the title Dental implant – a complete guide, patients’ opinions, images, prices. You are very proud of it and you want to be on the first page on Google. Well, access the other articles as: How a dental implant can improve your health?; 5 myths about the dental implant; How much a dental implant does it cost? … and insert a link towards your main article.
  4. The words which receive hyperlink are called anchor text. Make it visible and clickable.
  5. What anchor text to choose? An option is the article’s title, Dental implant – a complete guide, patients’ opinions, images, prices, the main keyword (dental implant prices) and its variants (dental implants costs).
  6. The anchor text makes it sound natural.
  7. It’s ok that a keyword contains a link once in an article, because Google is very smart and will understand, so don’t hurry up to repeat the anchor in the same text.
  8. You can also insert links in the main article to the secondary ones.


  1. Use small paragraphs, headings (H2) and sub-headings (H3, H4) in order that your readers to easily follow your text.
  2. Use bullets points through your article, help users to quickly enjoy your content.
  3. Insert images, videos.
  4. Use free images from dedicated websites as,,
  5. Insert more than one picture in your article (the top one).
  6. Use the Print Screen option if you want to show something from your PC, a program that you use.
  7. Make your own pictures and use them.
  8. Create a portfolio with professional photos for your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, an archive with pictures for an entire year.
  9. Insert the main ideas or the conclusions, so simply text, in boxes created by you using free programs.
  10. Use value images, as charts, infographics and specify the source.


  1. Share the article on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, so make it visible. Also be sure that your blog articles have social media buttons, visible to your users, even if they use a smartphone.
  2. Use your article for your next newsletter.
  3. Ask influent persons to share the article on their social media account.

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