Ways to Integrate SEO and Social Media to Improve Site Ranking

For years, SEO has been about optimizing the content on websites and pushing it to other external sites. However, as people started using social media more, search engine algorithms came up with new ways of ranking sites by taking how modern marketers share and rate content into consideration. The following tactics will help you to integrate SEO and social media.

How to Integrate SEO and Social Media to Improve Site Ranking


1. Use the right keywords on social media

Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO. Therefore, you should center your social media marketing around your keyword phrases, thus focusing on your target audience. To do this properly, you need to identify the broad terms that drive your social media. It is not enough to publish the content that your current followers and prospective followers are interested in; you have to use specific keyword phrases that people use when searching social networks.

2. Integrate social media into your website

Make sure that social sharing tools are deeply enmeshed in your website architecture. The following checklist will help you to hit your visitors tactfully from every social angle thus strengthening your ranking:

  • Include social media sharing buttons in your blog posts
  • Incorporate social media profile badges on your homepage
  • Include social media sharing buttons in your e-newsletters
  • Add links to your other social media profiles on every profile
  • Include social media commenting functionality


3. Measure your success and use metrics to adjust

As with other digital marketing tactics, you need to gauge whether your methods are working through tracking. Monitor your social media and website activity and align your reference points to see what works. The goal is to spot an increase in engagement as well as on-site conversions. Ensure that you measure the quality of your traffic to see whether your social media marketing and SEO strategies are mirroring each other.

4. Align SEO and social media keywords

Crosscheck your list of SEO keywords against the social media ones. Duplicate keywords should be leveraged across all your marketing channels, including Facebook and LinkedIn — doing so will double the targeted power of your outreach. Employ the dually aligned keyword approach for static digital content as well as daily social updates. For instance, if you publish a blog post about SEO and social media, make sure you add the phrase to your Facebook posts, tweets and Google+ posts.

5. Find a way to capture attention on social media

In order to increase the number of site visits and link clicks, you should drum up as much buzz as possible on social media; otherwise, your content will be lost in a sea of posts. Tap into tools such as Trendsmap and TrendSpottr to monitor the trending topics and then capitalize on them. You can also use social listening software — such as Radian6, Nimble, and Brandwatch — to tune into what your audience is talking about; doing this will enable you to chime in at any moment rather than wait for hot topics.
The above tips will help in integrating SEO and social media to improve site ranking. Pick the strategy that works best for you and runs with it.

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