Visual Marketing Tips for Social Media Marketers

We are slightly into the second week of 2017. Believe it or not, there is a lot of buzz around new years resolution, digital marketing trends and as well as (yes) social media.
People have been talking about content for years, and if you are unaware, social media marketing is definitely a part of the whole content marketing scope.
In this post, we will discuss on several powerful visual marketing tips and strategies that you can integrate into your overall social media marketing in 2017. As visual is a constantly and growing market, I certainly hope you find this article useful!
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Visual Marketing Tips for Social Media Marketers


1. Infographic creation

Infographic is fun and creative. As a matter of fact, the entire process from planning to creating it is really fun!
In the course of my writing journey, I have been doing several infographics and trust me, it is definitely more fun than doing a simple graphic for a blog post.
Countless studies had shown that infographic is 3 times more likely to be shared than a content in the market.
For starters, we all love data and visual. And when you incorporate both into an infographic, you pretty much score yourself a nice winner!
Lucky for you, you do not need to hire a graphic designer (even though you could). There are freemium tools such as Picktochart and Canva which allows you to create numerous infographic from scratch.

2. Getting personal

Did you notice that posting an Instagram post showing off your lovely team members will generate warm and fuzzy reactions?
Yes! At times, you would need to think on the personal side especially when it comes to social media marketing.
Assuming that your social media strategy involves a lot of images, you should focus on keeping your fans from ‘seeing’ the same image over and over again.
As a matter of fact, integrating some photos at work, crazy moments and smiling staffs would lead to more positive outcomes than you can ever image!
This strategy literally helps you to connect and resonates with your audience better, keeping them in mind that you are human too.

3. Sharing your brand’s values

Behind the scenes videos and photos — you know those posts are going to generate tons of likes and engagements.
But why?
For starters, behind the scenes shots usually, explain your brand’s culture to the public. They also represent how your team is interacting in a very positive manner.
The next time you are planning an editorial calendar, take some consideration especially on:

  • What type of images to use
  • When to share the images
  • How the use of specific images can touch the hearts of your audience


4. Images can be in a form of advice (or tips)

Something caught my eyes recently on Instagram. I noticed someone shared something so cool on Instagram which totally blows my mind.
Take a look at the image below.

Instead of those mushy images, I noticed the images were podcast artworks which are combined into one, awesome Instagram post.
Here’s the moral of the story. You do not need to write a whole 2,000 words just to state your point. You can use images and still do wonders with it!
Of course, what you need is a little time and putting on your thinking cap.
At the same time, you are going to create lots of ‘talks’ for those being mentioned and probably increase your visibility as well in a long run.

5. Are you using memes?

Let’s face this. Memes are cute. They are funny and above all, they definitely attract your attention!
It is often said that an emailtion reaction is the strongest response you can get from a person. In this case, a meme is the one that will create a lot of laughter, fun and entertainment.
Of course, if you do it correctly.
Even big brands do mistakes with memes as they are often trying to cater for the younger generation. It is surprising that some of them actually fail to understand that memes can be used to connect with a wide variety of audience?
At the end of the day, you want to share memes that are extremely relevant to your audience and industry.
Not sure where to find one? Check out Reddit and Imgur for some good ones. If you are feeling adventurous, consider using meme generators to curate one yourself from scratch.

6. Screenshots

Do you know that screenshots are very interesting social media tip especially for visual marketing?
Screenshots are great especially when you are trying to enrich your writing and advice. At the same time, screenshots will drive more engagement out of your content and thus, creating powerful call-to-action.
As many influencers had said, creating credibility is utterly important in this competitive world. We are often at the brink of click bait and when you share real screenshots, you are telling the world (or your audience in this case) that you are real!
Make no mistakes as the right screenshots will also alleviate your audience feeling of anxiety.

7. Instructions via visual

Last but not least, instructions can be taken to a whole new level through visual. For example, sharing video tutorials and even step by step images.
Here’s one for example.

As you are aware, the human mind often works better with visual compared to non-visual. When you share a visual image that includes instruction, it will touch more heart and in most cases, you will be able to resonate more with your intended audience.
Visual aids provided could be very simple, but it must be good enough to be clear and concise.


Visual marketing is definitely a booming industry and there are a lot of tips and tricks that you can find on the market today. However, it is always important to use the right visual marketing strategy that fit your brand, business and intended audience.
What do you think and do you use any specific visual marketing tips for 2017? As usual, leave a comment below and let’s discuss further!
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