Viral Video of the Week: Ylvis – The Fox (Official music video HD)


Ylvis with his new song: “The Fox” is the Viral Video of the Week for the second time in this month. Ylvis The Fox clip was published 3 week ago (Sep 3, 2013) and has more than 52 million views on YouTube. If 2 week ago Ylvis with his song “The Fox” had more than 1,4 million shares,  on this week edition of Viral Video of the Week the song had 1,6 million shares.

 The second most shared clip of the last week is a clip that Thailand society teaches us in 3 minutes more things than all the mass media from Brasilia, as Mike Moore said in the clip description. The clip has more than 1 million shares in last 7 days and almost 3 million views on YouTube.
The 3rd most shared clip of our Top 3 Viral Video of the Week is the video clip Avicii –  “Wake Me Up” (Official Video). The song which I really enjoy listening, it has been viewed more than 76 million views on YouTube in 2 months since it was published (July 29, 2013). This Viral Video of the Week is made with the data from Unruly Media.
Which is your favorite video for this week and why?
1. Ylvis The Fox (1,620,346 shares in the last 7 days)

2. Doar: O Anúncio Tailandes Que Fez o Mundo Chorar (1,050,412 shares in the last 7 days)

3. Avicii – Wake Me Up (793,459 shares in the last 7 days)