After last week, when you could see a special edition of our Top 3 Viral Video of the Week called: Top 3 Viral Videos of All Times, we continue with our weekly YouTube Viral Video of the Week.

The most shared and the Viral Video of the Week (the last 7 days) is the newest song from the boys band: One Direction – Best Song Ever.

The song was shared in more than 750.000 times and have more than 18 million views on YouTube in just 2 days since it was published (July 22, 2013).

On the second position of Top 3 Viral Video of the Week is 4 times winner of our previous editions for the most shared YouTube Video Clip: Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines feat T.I. and Pharrell.

 The 3rd step of this YouTube Top 3 most shared video clips of the week is the beautiful song from Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith – La La La. The data for this weekly Viral Video top is provided by Unruly Media.


Do you think “Best song ever” is really the best song ever from the boys band: One Direction?


1. One Direction – Best Song Ever ( 753,629 shares in the last 7 days)


2. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell (570,788 shares in the last 7 days)


3. Naughty Boy – La La La ft. Sam Smith (569,489 shares in the last 7 days)


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