The most shared clip and the Viral Video of the last week is an alert video about using smartphones in excess this days. The YouTube clip is called: “I Forgot My Phone” and is made by charstarleneTV.

On the second position on our Top 3 Viral Video of the Week, you can hear the latest song from Avicii – Wake Me Up. This Lyric Video was published on June 28, 2013 and has more than 84 million views compare to the Avicii – Wake Me Up (Official Video) who was published a  month later (July 29) and has “only” 43 million views.

The 3rd most shared YouTube clip of the last week was Martin Luther King’s speech: I Have A Dream, dating back 50 years ago (August 28, 1963). This Top 3 Viral Videos of the Week was made with the data from Unruly Media.


All this 3 clips were shared approximately 500k times each, but are so different one from another. Which do you like the most and why?


1. I Forgot My Phone (545,608 shares in the last 7 days)


2. Avicii – Wake Me Up, Lyric Video (529,733 shares in the last 7 days)


3. Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream Speech (520,453 shares in the last 7 days)


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