Video Marketing Trends in 2020: Numbers that You Need to Know (Infographic)

In this digital world where endless content seemingly available at your fingertips, marketers are continuously looking for the best way to get their messages to be heard among the noise.

Thus, video marketing is the solution they’ve been looking for to let your content shine. It’s now become common knowledge that videos are an invaluable tool for any brand, as it’s not only boosting brand awareness but also allows brands to engage more with the customers.

You might’ve been told about the “year of video” since 2006– after YouTube is created, but the staggering numbers from the latest statistics show that video still hasn’t reached its saturation point yet. So it makes sense if we call today as the “age of video” instead.

In 2020, video is unsurprisingly predicted to hit another home run. The compelling numbers in the video marketing statistics over the last few years speak for themselves. Video trends are here to stay and not going anywhere anytime soon.

We’ve collected essential video marketing statistics to give you more insight into the 2020 competition.

Video Marketing Trends in 2020: An Overview

The best thing about videos is that it breaks down complex ideas into snackable bite-sized chunks– making the content easier and more desirable to consume. That is why internet users easily attach to it.

Hence, the video marketing landscape is only getting the louder year over year. At least 55% of internet users watch online videos on their day-to-day basis, while more than 72% of them watch it weekly.

In case you don’t know, human beings are visual creatures; that is why viewers are most likely to retain 95% of the message if they watch it through video. This figure then generates 72% of consumers that show a strong preference for learning about a brand through video. 

Video Usage and Consumption: The Staggering Numbers

As demand for video keeps increasing, the online video usage and consumption enjoy the same rise. Now, at least 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch online videos rather than television. And there are more than 54% of customers are demanding video content from their favorite brands.

Not to mention that video consumption also goes to on-demand platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. And since these videos are incredibly shareable, 92% of internet users share it on their social networks. 

It makes more and more users consume more and more online videos. Unsurprisingly, online video consumption doubles each year.

These impressive numbers of online video consumption haven’t yet shown any signs of slowing down. It comes as no surprise that video content will make up 82% of global internet traffic by 2022– with at least a million videos uploaded to the internet in a single second.

Video Content Explosion in Social Media

Video marketing has taken the social media scenes by storm. The massive rise of Stories and how internet users consume content have all contributed to making videos more essential than ever before. 

Even the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, himself believes that video is a megatrend, and the future of Facebook and Instagram lies in it.

Now, social media is chockablock with video content– this is also the place where you can see video trends come and go over the past few years.

Today, almost 2 billion users are active on YouTube every month and they watch 5 billion hours of videos every day on YouTube alone. On the other hand, Facebook users watch an average of 8 billion videos each day.

On top of that, 82% of 126 million Twitter daily users watch videos on the platform daily. That’s not all; Instagram also responsible for the massive increase of video consumption with a dazzling 800 million users who consume stories constantly.

The Perks that Beyond the Wildest Dreams

Hopping aboard the video marketing bandwagon isn’t something you should do just because every business’ now doing it. But it’s because of the perks and benefits you’ll get from it.

Today, there are 81% of businesses have been jumping into video marketing – this number is a whopping 63% increase from last year. Thus, those video marketers claim to earn 66% of their qualified leads through video. They also achieve a growing revenue of 49% faster than those marketers with no video campaign.

As the cherry on top, 93% of businesses gain new customers as a result of posting a video on social media– so it’s no wonder why 88% of video marketers satisfy with their ROI.

With all those benefits that are ridiculously beyond the wildest dream, 99% of marketers will continue to use video, while 88% of them are planning to increase their online video ad spend to keep up with digital viewer habits.

Takeaway: Standing Out When the Noise Is Louder Than Ever

The video marketing door is now wide open for every marketer that wants to jump into the bandwagon. But keep in mind that it also represents a challenge, and marketers are feeling the fiercer competition.

In 2020, your big task to get your video stand out among the crowd. Incorporating video into your social media content become more commonplace as a method for cutting through the increasing level of 2020 digital noise.

At the end of the day, the rewards are there for the one who understands the ever-changing customers’ tastes in video and stays on the toes to be in front of them in the right way.

The infographic from Breadnbeyond below offers statistics for just how substantial video will be for your video campaign in 2020:

Video Marketing Statistics that’s Going to Rock 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]