Video Marketing – The Complete Guide for Every Marketer


What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the art of making your content highly visible on the internet. By making a video of your business, project or whatever object you wish to market, you can make it much more likely to reach the general public. Whether you are an individual looking to get some attention for your work or a team in search of potential customers for your business, we can help you live-stream, record, publish and market your video to support your marketing goals.

How Can I Use Video Marketing for my Business?

A survey made by Demand Metric with the help of Ascend2 brought to attention that 69% of marketers used video marketing for their businesses while almost 31% planned to incorporate video marketing into their marketing strategies in the near future. Such a large number is indicative of the importance of video marketing in today’s world. This survey also revealed that of all the video marketers, 52% used video marketing to generate awareness of their brand or product, 45% used it to get ahead of their competitors while 42% of users employed the use of video marketing to engage potential customers and clients online.

How is Video Marketing Done?

Video marketing is a relatively straightforward procedure which can be carried out by following the steps stated below:

  1. Decide who your audience is. Good marketing can only be done if you know who your target audience is.
  2. Select a topic. The right topic goes a long way in making a successful video. Advertise your project in such a way that the topic is immediately eye catching.
  3. Record. Use a simple webcam at home or a digital camera in a recording studio if you like where you or your hired speaker reads from a pre-decided script. Make sure the voice is professional and the way of talking is engaging.
  4. Publish. Get your video embed on your blog or website and share it as much as possible on social media. Get your friends and/or colleagues enlisted and make your video viral!
  5. Market. Make sure your video is available everywhere!

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Features of a Good Video

A good video or video marketing technique should possess the following important features:
– The video should be of high quality. HD is an immediate plus point.
– The video should be short- Nobody likes to watch pointlessly lengthy streams.
– The video should be well made. All clips should be in an easily understandable, sequential order and pictures, if any, should be appropriately labelled.
– Videos should be user-friendly- Marketing would be a fail if the video doesn’t work on half of the user’s computers.
– The content should be new and original.
– Interactive elements such as forms, survey links, links to a FAQs section, etc should be incorporated.

Our Recommendations

To get the latest video making services, you can make use of the following apps:
MoviePro: This is easy to use app that allows the user to adjust focus and frame rate and edit pre-made videos saved in the app library itself.
ReelDirector: This is also easy to use app that allows the user to add titles and subtitles and music to a video from your phone library or record it directly from an external source.
iMovie: Available for iOS users only, this app is simple but quite advanced in options. Popular for adding music to a video along with titles and text, it also comes with many other notable features.
YouTube Capture: This app has two prime features. One, it allows you to directly upload a finished video on YouTube and second, it allows you to upload a video that you have on your video library on YouTube. Known for its efficiency and the option of selecting the audience who can view your video, this app is a very popular one.


Video marketing is the latest trend in making a product or brand highly popular in the market, and this is so for the obvious reasons. By creating a video using the apps and steps we have mentioned above, you can make the best of a marketing strategy and get outstanding results. Remember to check if your video has all the features of a good video stated above and once you are done, go viral!

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