Using Facebook for Talent Acquisition: Making it Efficient than ever!

Online recruiting is often seen as a new alternative to the conventional HR strategies while mapping and sourcing talent. It’s a big pool of candidates out there and all one needs is the right passage to the right talent. Be it any industry you talk about, the candidate you search would surely be somewhere, surfing pages on the net while trying to find out the best of career avenues around.
Hacks are numerous to making a great hire, all that one needs is the right tool and timing. Talking about the former, why not go with the flow and let social media take its route in the hiring sphere. Facebook is one such tool that has gained eyeballs from around the world. A multi-billion dollar company making business through connections spanning across countries and continents, this social media platform has its use in the HR practices as well. Talent acquisition is one purpose that Facebook serves quite efficiently.
Shared below are a few tips to make a great hire though this platform. Drop sufficient glances and absorb all that you can!

Using Facebook for Talent Acquisition


Speak Through Your Content

Receiving applications through Facebook can only happen once you have followers who’ve built some solid trust in your brand. The website has already made a world of changes to the algorithm, which makes it quite necessary to curate original, unique and out of the box content to market. This also includes a trail of hit and trial attempts to test the kind of content your audience prefers.
Having ensured the same, keep ample variation to maintain some genuine follower interest, rather than making the same posts time and again. Also, ensure that there’s enough user engagement happening on the content you share. This is a factor that conveys the amount of impact you’re creating on the platform.
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Let Your Company Page be an Apt Window

How do people find you on Facebook?
How do they get to know about your website and other whereabouts?
Yes, it is your company page indeed. Make sure you put the best efforts in designing one that mentions all pertinent information and has enough ‘call to action’ tabs. The latter is quite necessary, considering the behavioral preferences shown by users online. Obviously, you don’t want them to take that much pain in finding your website online. Let there be an option for them to apply directly. Check the posts outreach on the page at regular intervals. Share all your job openings here for the followers to have an easy account.

The Paid Search Campaigns

Well, as the name suggests, there surely are ways with the optimal efficiency that demand some bucks out of your company’s pocket. Facebook has more number of active users than other sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. All you need to ensure is to fish where the fish are.
Using Facebook ads you can keep the right eye over your targeted audience. It can go as specific as reaching out to professionals with a year’s experience, regardless of your network, the candidates education level or skills set. Plus, you can aim for all those passive candidates as well.

Build Communities and Join Discussions

One of the foremost ways of keeping yourself visible to the pool of candidates is making communities pertinent to your company’s area of expertise. For instance, it is job listings that your organization provides. Make communities and groups where discussions regarding career, job search and interviews are held on a regular basis. Actively participate in these to increase user engagement and throw yourself as the right options for them to pick!
Hacks are numerous to adopt. Facebook is a tool that an make the deal for you. Put the right research into place and you’ll surely find the talent you need.

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