Useful Tips To Expand Your Business Reach On LinkedIn

Many people associate LinkedIn with job hunting and career connections. That’s certainly true, as LinkedIn’s 259+ million users take advantage of a variety of features, from job searches to a recommendation space where previous employers and co-workers can publicly applaud your strengths. In a time when finding a job is tough, many are resorting to LinkedIn as a tool to make new connections and nurture familiar ones.
The professional networking advantages of LinkedIn are notable, but what many businesses overlook is that LinkedIn offers the same marketing potential as fellow social media giants Facebook and Twitter. Building a LinkedIn marketing plan for your business requires tactfulness and patience, but using the tips below you can expand your business’ reach on LinkedIn in no time.

Useful Tips To Expand Your Business Reach On LinkedIn


Create a Company Page

A LinkedIn company page provides a way for business to share their story, highlight products, and connect with followers. A personal LinkedIn account goes a long way in making one-on-one connections, but a Company Page on LinkedIn has a farther reach, as it allows people to connect with the entire company, as opposed to just the founder or marketing director. Creating a Company Page on LinkedIn is easy, just follow the instructions after you click on the link. Once your personal account and Company Page are both running, you’re ready to consider marketing on LinkedIn.

Take Advantage of the Product Tab

One benefit of the Company Page is the ‘Recommended by Your Network’ section that appears on the right sidebar. This enables visitors to see if anyone in their LinkedIn network is endorsing the company’s products. This can be a fantastic way to generate leads, as profile visitors are much more likely to explore your company further if an established connection has recommended your products or services. For example, if your company specializes in selling Mustang Parts, visitors to your Company Page can see if any LinkedIn connections purchased parts from the company and offered positive reviews.

Use LinkedIn’s Newsfeed Like Facebook’s

The home page for LinkedIn acts like Facebook, showing a constantly updating newsfeed that displays updates from your connections, from text updates to photos and video. With both your personal LinkedIn account and Company Page, it’s important to update your newsfeed frequently and with interesting content. There’s no shame in cross-posting between Facebook and LinkedIn, either. Hosting contests or polls via newsfeeds on LinkedIn and Facebook will increase viewer engagement, potentially resulting in more leads.

Consider LinkedIn Ads

If your company’s marketing budget allows, consider placing ads on LinkedIn. A self-service advertising solution, LinkedIn has a flexible and easy ad process, where — after creating an ad — you can set a target audience, budget and bid. LinkedIn also has a thorough tutorial, so you can be sure your ads are exactly how you want them, from placement to appearance. Whether you want to link to your company web site or Company LinkedIn Page is up to you, though if you’re linking to your web site, be sure to have a clear call-to-action on the front page. An unfocused business home page can mean many missed opportunities.
If used properly, LinkedIn can be an important tool that businesses can use to expand their reach on social media. LinkedIn has the unique quality of catering to a professional audience, so it is much easier to find niche-relevant leads and connections, as opposed to Twitter and Facebook, where listing occupations and skills aren’t nearly as encouraged. By creating Company Pages, posting relevant updates and perhaps considering LinkedIn’s ad services, businesses can take full advantage of LinkedIn’s marketing capabilities.
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